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Found 6 results

  1. Evening girls and girls, I'd like to request this beautiful bird for a talented painter to get their hands on this. In real life she was an A300-200, however I figured because the singlets can be removed as per older -600s (Air France) then this would'nT be too inaccurate! Thanks in advance! http://www.airteamimages.com/pics/189/189687_800.jpg
  2. I have to make a video, but I can't record it ㅠㅠ Is there anyone else who's experienced this?
  3. I own the A300, but it won't let me download liveries.
  4. Hello everyone! I know we're all having tons of fun with our A300s, and I thought creating a little place to put a couple photos of that day's flight would be neat. I've seen this being done in other groups as well, so why not have a spot for A300 pics! I think 2 pictures a day is probably a good maximum, so as not to clutter the forum too much. I'd love to see what y'all can come up with!! I guess I'll kick it off with this shot coming into Narita, with some last second windshear... Enjoy!!
  5. Will it have a modeled cabin? Most importantly, will you be able to "stow away" in the lockers? Everything else about this amazing bird reminds me of FJS' 732, why not finish the job!?
  6. Here's a must bookmark set of stuff on the AIRBUS A300-600R! I found a maintenance tech who post about all the things he does. He seems to work for a freight company and has content on MD11, MD10 (Retrofitted DC10), 757F, 767F but more importantly, the A300-600. He has encountered practically every malfunction you could have with it, so it's good info. He posts on his own forum, where he goes in depth with great pics and vids of that days problem, while also engaging with his community to help discuss and fix said scumbag system (sometimes with shady shortcuts). All his videos
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