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When I load the plane I have a lot of stutters


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I have 4070 ti, intel i5 13600k and 16 gb and on other planes I have more than 50 fps, it's only on this one that I get like this.

And I have around 40 fps so when I move the camera it freezes a lot and I have more than 70 fps on other airplanes without it freezing

Captura de ecrã 2024-01-02 191626.png

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It's the vram that is the problem.  Try to download the 4K optimal texture through the app and see if that stops the stutters. Let me know if that helps. 

Windows 11 Home Insider Preview 64-bit
CPU Intel Core i7 10700K @ 3.80GHz 
RAM 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1066MHz (15-15-15-36)

ATI AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB Gigabyte)

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12 minutes ago, Marcocessna84 said:

É o vram que é o problema. Tente baixar a textura ideal em 4K por meio do aplicativo e veja se isso interrompe a gagueira. Deixe-me saber se isso ajuda. 

yes it worked but I think it wasn't just that I disabled fsuipc7 and went to 70 fps but thanks




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