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Version v1.0.4, ZFWCG entry causes freeze.


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I tried a flight flight from VGJR to VGHS. Took A300-600RF, DHL. Set custom loads, fwd 1000, aft 1000, fuel 12,000kg. The ZFWCG in the EFB Weight & Balance page was 24.6. After I completed the F-PLN, I went to INIT-B page. Entered ZFW, Block fuel by double clicking 1R, 2R LSK. Then, tried to enter 24.6 in the ZFWCG box promt. But it won't go there. Stays in the scratch pad. I can not delete it. If I change the baro value in the altimeter, the pointer moves, but the baro value remains 1013. I tried to start engines. I can hear the engine sound. But no update in N2, N1, EGT indication. 

Haseen Ahmad.

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