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MSFS A300-600 avionics freezing during flight, replicated and happened again


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Hello, I had this happening on the v1.0.1 A300-600.

I was flying EGLL-LIMC, and during cruise, I was setting the arrival in the FMC... I selected the RIXU3E arrival ILS 35L, looked at my FPL in the MAP ND, and then decided to select a NO STAR approach ILS 35L... after doing so, the FMC completely turned blank, and all the avionics froze. The EFIS control panel also stopped working (for example, the ND Mode and Range knobs did turn, but producing no effect on the display) and the autopilot as well stopped responding. 

After this happened, I tried redoing the same exact flight all over again... After the climb out from Heathrow, I did the same exact process in the FMC, to see if the issue would've happened again, and surprisingly it did... 

Can this please get investigated? I believe the plane should be able to set and reset an approach in the FMC without freezing and becoming a flying brick. Thanks in advance :))

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3 minutes ago, Aussiepilot said:

This is a server side issue and Microsoft are working on expanding their Azure server from laptops to mainframes in the near future.  It is NOT a fault of Inibuild as this is happening to all the default Asobo aircraft as well.

oh okay, so I guess a fix is coming soon, or at least I hope... thanks for answering

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10 minutes ago, Aussiepilot said:

Try the Asobo 747 & 787 & A320 and they are all experiencing this.

honestly, I tried now doing the same thing on the asobo 747 and it didn't have the issue... are you sure its the exact same thing happening to me on the A300? I have the avionics freezing in position and FMC turning blank... do you have any link to people having the same issues on other planes?

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5 hours ago, Nico - Gumby said:

I dont know what @Aussiepilot is talking about.. But to me, this rather does sound like an iniBuilds issue. Thanks for the report @matteolosardo , could you please provide full route, flight level, cost index and the point when you entered the direct so we could look further into it? 🙂

well, the original route was (EGLL 27RDET2F DET L6 DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 KOK DCT IDOSA DCT SUTAL UN852 GTQ UZ343 BEGAR DCT BASGO Z424 RIXUV RIXU3E ILSZ35L LIMC, cruise FL330 and CI 37)...

but that's what I tried today that surprised me... I loaded my A300 (happens on both pax and freighter) on EGLL 27R (so with the plane already on, directly on the runway), went to the FMC, and just selected departure and arrival airports EGLL/LIMC (this means I had no route waypoints, just DEP ARR), then I went directly to set the arrival (while still on the dep runway) and I did the same thing... I selected the ILS, the STAR, and then I went again to reselect a NO STAR approach... it froze totally, and the plane did not have anything else in the FMC other than dep and arr airports.

I also discovered it's unrelated to both which STAR I select and also which airport I depart from... you just have to select LIMC as arrival and first select whatever star and approach, and then reselect that approach with no star, for the FMC to turn blank and freeze the whole avionics...


if you need me to troubleshoot something else let me know, I really want to fix this as I want to feel the plane to be able to do whatever while setting approaches (say, I set an approach, then ATC clears me for another, I don't want the whole thing to freeze).

Please help, let me know, thanks in advance

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update: i tried deleting the airport addon I was using for LIMC: it was a freeware from flightsim.to...

I tried again and looks like it did not do it.

that's weird though, I only had this issue with the A300, not even with the A310 or other, even default, planes...

I think it's still something that needs to get looked into for the sake of this addon's stability

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Has anyone tried to empty their rolling cache. It might be a worth try.

Windows 11 Home Insider Preview 64-bit
CPU Intel Core i7 10700K @ 3.80GHz 
RAM 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1066MHz (15-15-15-36)

ATI AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB Gigabyte)

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