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GSX issues with texture res pack installed


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Hello again!
I have been experimenting with a few things with the graphics in my sim, as well as the textures on the A300. I wanted to report that when the "Optimised Texture Resolution Pack" is installed for me through iniManager, GSX will not work as I get an error that the "simbrief aircraft doesn't match MSFS aircraft." There's also an error in the corner that says: "Simbrief Error Simbrief Aircraft A306 Doesn't Match MSFS Aircraft W_Flyer"

I've attached a screenshot. When the texture resolution pack is removed, GSX works as expected. If I understand correctly GSX usually pulls one's aircraft.cfg file, and since the texture resolution pack installs a second folder in the community folder, I'm wondering if this is where things are getting tripped up. While not running the pack appears to be the simplest solution, I hope you'll consider in a future update a way for it to work with the pack installed, unless there is a workaround that one can suggest.

Many thanks!

Screenshot 2024-01-02 143434.png

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5 hours ago, PilotMicah_93 said:

I just got this error also. Are you saying that removing the "Optimised Texture Resolution Pack" resolved this issue for you?

Hi, yes that's correct.

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