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  2. We will take a note of this, thank you for your feedback.
  3. Is there a chance to get an update on the PW textures? For the GE Engines you have dedicated textures for Engine 1 and 2 for inner and outer side. The PW however only have inner and outer. You can see that on the repaints as well...e.g. Egyptair. They normally don't have the drawing on the inner side of the engines, but on your repaints they do. Would be great, as otherwise most PW repaints are wrong on the engines. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hello inibuilds team, First the a300 is a great Aircraft and i love it to fly totaly worth 95 euro. but in case of a Takeoff abort i noticed that the Auto braks dont work and also the speedbrekas dont deploy. Is this normal or is this a bug ? i tryed the rto on 135kts best Regards Adrian.K
  5. No worries! As this issue has now been resolved. I will lock this thread!
  6. As this issue has now been resolved I will lock this ticket! Kind Regards, Ubaid
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  8. We'll take a note of this, and see what we can do in the future.
  9. Any plans to have the 300 use its own data set so it'll load procedures correctly?
  10. Thanks, If i have time tonight i'll note some fuel flow and compare with cruise table.
  11. Thank you for your comments, we will take a look at the fuel flow!
  12. Hi there, Welcome to the forum! Re your first point this is correct, and will be looked at in future. Indeed the A300 has a really high thrust to weight ratio - even higher than Concorde at MTOW! These birds can get up to 7000ft pm climb rates! Enjoy the speed
  13. No worries! Happy to help, and enjoy the A300!
  14. As this issue has been resolved, I will now lock this thread! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  15. v1.03 of the iniSimulations A300 has been released. This update includes numerous fixed and improvements. All full changelog is available below. This update can be downloaded via your iniBuilds Store account: store.inibuilds.com/account NOTE: This update requires a reinstall. Remove iniSimulations A300-600R(F) v1.02 from your X-Plane 11 installation’s aircraft folder: \X-Plane 11\Aircraft before installing this update. v1.03 - Compatibility with Advanced Shadows lua script (option added to EFB) - Fixed animation of the ILS and left VOR course knobs - Fixed landing mode functionality from VS to correct FMA reading - Fixed "LDG LIGHT EXTENDED" ECAM memo only showing when said light is on. - Fixed landing lights not extending if lights are not on - Fixed scaling issue on ND when selecting 240nm range. - Fixed in flight fuel temperature reading below fuel freezing temperature - Fixed "Stop Rudder Input" test buttons working without power - Fixed fuel used LCD displays - Fixed SAT indication on second ECAM display - Fixed mislabel under Packs 2 in the circuit breaker - Fixed light switches not making sound with no battery power - Fixed button next to cockpit door switch on overhead accidently toggling END 2 AI - Fixed cargo loader missing support from front platform
  16. yepp, in the center below the FCU, small rotary
  17. Hello, First thanks for this very good product, i'm enjoying it. I just made a single performance test with a Fedex FCOM i grab at work (i'm autopilot test engineer for A330/340). Climbing at FL270, 270k lbs, ISA condition: Time: 8min45 / 9 (rounded) as per FCOM --> Perfect! Distance flown: 48nm / 48nm as per FCOM --> Perfect! Fuel used: i estimated it at 3500lbs using GW / 4200lbs as per FCOM --> low consumption, that needs to be evaluated with more tests. Will try to do more tests next week, with other flight conditions and with the PW. Fantastic A/C, reminds me my fisrt days at Airbus, Toulouse, in 2006 when last A300-600F for Fedexand UPS were delivered
  18. Couple of things I've noticed in the A300 I wanted to point out. The front cargo door on co-pilots side I noticed doesn't look like it goes up enough to enable a pallet to fit in and second was when I'm climbing she climbs like a home sick angel somewheres around 5 to 6 thousand feet a minute... are these normal in the real thing?
  19. Are there integrated/panel lights for the FCU(MCP)? If so I can't find them which makes flying at night a real challenge. Am I missing something?
  20. Hello, Thank you for the kind words, I have passed them on to the rest of the team! Cheers, Bart
  21. Got it, thanks for the quick response! Loving this machine, by the way. I was waiting eagerly for this back when it was a one man project a few years ago!
  22. Could not agree more with Markos comment. the model is so far ahead of the curve its almost laughable. The very small issues identifed by members of the community are testiment to this impressive product. Fabulous product and great support. Fantatstic to see a dev team fully engaged and commited to providing the very best customer service on top of a very obvious passion for this amazing product.
  23. Hello, Thank you for the feedback, we will look into this in the future. Cheers, Bart
  24. could be because the time between TOD and landing was too short for the transfer forward and than usage of the fuel. Known problem with real airbuses sometimes
  25. Hello Lorenz, We have modelled this, but it has a very limited effect like in real life on the A300. Cheers, Bart
  26. Hello everyone Is gear down after departure to cool the brakes simulated? I tried to do this procedure but looked like it didn't help very much. Thanks!
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