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  3. Hi, I believe those liveries are due an update as is. The painter will be notified, although changes/fixes may not be made in the near future due to a current busy internal schedule. Cheers.
  4. Max

    Frontier A320neo

    Hi @Jcp123, Thanks for the information - the painter will be alerted but an update is likely not to be made very soon. Cheers.
  5. Yesterday
    huge imporvement to the lighting for the airport and covers a large area of the tarmac, lighting most if not all of the plane when parked
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Air Europa Pack for the PMDG NGXu 737-800. Registrations included: EC-LXV (OC) EC-LQX (OC) EC-MVY (NC) EC-MKL (NC) EC-LPQ (SkyTeam)
  7. Hello All, i just installed the Liveries for West Atlantic 737 but they showed up as 737-800 BW and not 737-800 BCF. Is that supposed to be like that? Greetings Michael
  8. @EFRAIN After much trial and error, I have found a fix for RWY26 MKJS Montego Bay Terrain Issue. Removing the file: RWY26_MKJS_GroundTextures.bgl (or add .OFF to the end) seems to fix the problem. File is located in Scenery folder of MKJS scenery. Best regards!
  9. Last week
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Iberia liveries for the FSLabs A319 v5+. Registrations included: EC-JDL EC-KHM (Oneworld) This livery utilizes the iniBuilds base textures for the A319. Please download and install them from this link:
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Representation of the Airbus A321ceo liveries used by the Air France Group over the years. Including: Air France - Current livery Air France - Post merger with KLM decals Air France - Pre merger decals Air Inter Europe Air Inter
    Hi there fantastic livery but found one small error can it be fixed by myself or will it require repainting the whole aeroplane? Cheers
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Iberia Express (EC-JEJ) livery for the FSLabs A321. This livery utilizes the iniBuilds base textures for the A321. Please download and install them from this link:
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Iberia (EC-ILP) livery for the FSLabs A321. This livery utilizes the iniBuilds base textures for the A321. Please download and install them from this link:
  14. Version 1.0.0


    ASL Airlines liveries for the PMDG NXGu 737-800. Registrations included: F-GZTV (BW) F-GZTZ (SSW)
  15. Not quite sure there is any difference from buying from the org than direct from the developers.
  16. Very excited about the upcoming Airbus A310-300. Flew those too at FedEx for several years, along with the A300-600! Keep 'em coming iniBuilds! Best, Gary
  17. alduc31


    Hi, someone can help me for my issue on all Inibuild PMDG NGXU liveries for P3DV5 HF2. I have stange white circle line on fuselage. Did someone have ever seen this issue ? Thanks for your support.
    Thank you for creating the easyJet UK liveries. The placard on the livery I have downloaded (G-UZME) has the following speeds in the text.dds file: V1 230 Kts V1+F 215 Kts V2 200 Kts V3 185 Kts V Full 177 Kts Would it be possible for the speeds to be amended to match the speeds that the creator of the Toliss A321 has given for the aircraft? Below is quote from the creator, which can be found on the following webpage https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/236601-incorrect-flap-limit-speeds-for-a321/&tab=comments#comment-2117210 "In my install
  18. Hi again mate. Having a new issue on another scenery. Was wondering if you had any idea of fixing this. Here is a picture of the issue: Thanks in advance
  19. Hello, I appreciate the hard work on the new Frontier liveries with the CFM LEAP paints included for the FFA320. However, the mod has been updated recently, so an update would be greatly appreciated, as the engines look much better in the newer version. John
  20. Hi @Al Russell, Welcome to the forum. Please read the linked thread prior to receiving support via the forum. Once you've done that, tag me here and I'll move your post to the appropriate section and get it answered for you. Cheers.
  21. On cold and dark start up my Auto Pilot Display (FCU) lights won't turn on.. When I attempt to turn on Pitch Trim switches on OHP they immediately turn off. Because the pitch trim switches won't stay on, the FCU displays won't come on... Any ideas what I may be doing wrong.. Thanks
  22. @alexcolka, Welcome to the forum. You can post livery requests over on our Discord server in the #a310-livery-requests channel. Cheers.
  23. Hello Godehardt, I'm sorry, Guam we have already tried, but it's more complicated than a simple exclusion .. Regards
  24. Hi, New to this forum I just purchased my copy of the A300-600R which is fantastic. Also looking forward to the A310 and hoping this beautiful livery could be made:
    Wow! Very nice. Shame it's .rar though instead of the superior .zip ...
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