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  4. As this topic is 3-months old, I'll assume the issue has been resolved. Cheers.
  5. This is a ‘catch-all’ error generated by the Web server. The first thing you need to know about an “Internal Server Error” is that the error can only be resolved by fixes to the Web server software. It is not a client-side problem meaning that the problem is not with your browser, your computer, or your internet connection. 500 Internal Server Error response code indicates that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. However, there are often ways to quickly get around the problem: Very commonly, incorrect permissions on a file or folder that contains one of the scripts causes this this error. Reload your browser (press F5) or try with another one. The chances that the page will load when you refresh your browser are low, but still, it’s worth giving it a try. Try to clear your browser cache. If the page that shows 500 error is cached, after the cache is cleared, the browser will request a new version of the page. Come back later. The webmaster may fix the server issue in the meantime. A Coding Error in .htaccess. While not as common, be sure to check that your site’s .htaccess file is properly structured. Contact the website owners. The last remaining option is to get in touch with the person responsible for maintaining the website.
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  7. Hello, There are no plans currently for circuit breaker functionality. Cheers.
  8. Hello, It is not possible to put charts into the A300v2's existing EFB. You can, however, use the likes of Avitab as an alternative - Cheers.
  9. Just show some details
  10. Hello developer, will the circuit breaker function of the aircraft be made in the future? Are there any plans for this?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    American Heritage livery pack for the LevelUP 737-800. Regs included: N905NN: Astrojet N915NN: TWA Heritage N916NN: Reno Air Heritage N917NN: AirCal Heritage N921NN: Legacy Heritage
  12. Hi @JetA1, Glad that's all resolved then. Cheers.
  13. Hi Max, United Kingdom - No VPN. V2 successfully downloaded - The download manager seemed to buck its ideas up after restarting a few times. It was very strange! I think I am winning now, the Aircraft has successfully loaded. Kind regards, Alex
  14. HI @JetA1, Welcome to the iniBuilds forum. Might I ask which country you're located in and if you use a VPN to download? Cheers.
    nice. hopefully updated for v2
  15. Hey all, Pretty much what it says up there really, incredibly slow download rate considering my download speed is 300 down. Its taken the best part of 20 minutes to download 13%. This is the second time installing as well (attempted to restart download multiple times to see if it would speed up the process - sadly not). First time I supplied the required Serial Key, restarted xplane and the game continually crashed on load up (stuck on the Xplane Aircraft page). Any ideas? Would be eternally grateful. Cheers, Alex
  16. Version 1.2


    Cebu Pacific operates 7 A321ceo on routes around and outside of the Philippines, largely from their primary base in Manila. For Cebu Pacific A321neos, my pack is available here. This livery is improved from the default A321 textures with new engine and wing textures, improved markings, and additional details. Also includes compatibility with Carda's CFM Mod (coming soon). Recommended for the best experience! Automatic Configuration file for this livery is provided, however for reference the correct config is: RP-C4115 - Wingtip Fences, CFM Engines Don't forget to click "send me version updates" above to be notified when a new reg/update is available! Also consider joining the Canvas Liveries XP discord for more high-quality paints!
    Like as I wrote on the previous one, this livery has backwards Star Alliance logos.
    It's a good looking livery overall, but the right hand side Star Alliance logo is backwards. That's such a noticeable detail to get wrong.
  17. Evtl. gibt es keine ATIS im Onlinenetzwerk für den Flughafen zu der Zeit. Du kannst die Daten auch manuell eingeben. Die ATIS kannst DU abhören über Funk oder auf der Minimap von XP nach Anklicken des Flughafens einsehen. Ansonsten versuche alternativ über CPDLC die METAR des Flughafens abzurufen, die geht in den meisten Fällen. Dann ausdrucken, anheften und die Daten ebenfalls manuell eingeben.
  18. Hello, The included manual contains Standard Operating Procedures. No more documentation is provided beyond this and the videos. This can be found in X-Plane 11\Aircraft\iniSimulations\Documentation. Cheers.
  19. Greetings. Where can I find operating instructions for this in writing? This is so much quicker than identifying which video to watch again....especially when doing a flight. I can figure most of it out it seems but other things are like throwing darts at the wall and hoping to hit the right square. Thank you. Dave
  20. Version 1.1.0


    American Airlines (N306NY, N940NN) liveries with the revised winglets for the LevelUP 737-800.
  21. Sorry, please ensure all communication is in English.
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