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Ready to buy a cargo version


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On 11/12/2022 at 7:42 AM, iniBuilds said:

If people really do want other variants it is certainly a conversation that can be had. 

Leave it with us. If there is interest, ask people to comment here, so we can see how much there is 😄 

I’d buy for certain. 

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The Cargo Variant of the A310 would be an insta-buy for me.  The A310 is amazing and I support everyone here in what they're saying.  The F would be so awesome.

Now think that these are all the people just posting.  I'd argue that for every forum poster there are at least 15 people who want it that don't know about this thread or just don't post. 

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I'd buy whatever you guys come up with! I have the A300 and the Beluga on Xp11, and the quality of this MSFS A310 is incredible!! (even with my bad fps after the WASM not compiling correctly which should be corrected ofc) so, the A310 Cargo, mrtt, executive and of course the whole line for the A300 maybe later the Beluga, just bring it on! I know that you guys will make some money there!

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+1 for the A310 freighter version.. ready to pay for it..

Actually, would prefer if a payware upgrade can be made for A310 PAX too which can have more advanced features like:

- full panel save state and recovery

- sim rate acceleration up to 4x or 8x 

- remote MCDU

- EFB to MCDU data transfer

- wheel chocks, etc.

- importing winds aloft

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