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  1. Using any setting I cannot align the IRS. The swiches light up align mode but STS display shows no count down and align irs does not come up in INIT page of FMS. EFB option I tried instant, realistic.
  2. No minimum alerters or altitude callouts play with the MSFS beta version now.
  3. I sat on the ramp for 30 minutes, got fed up and changed panel state to ready to takeoff. now I know to set Instant IRS align option 😄
  4. I updated to the MSFS Beta and now I can set V2 and then activate it and set 250kts after. I could not before.
  5. I changed to KGS units and INIT B values are normal on second leg.
  6. Uninstalled both A310s from content manager. Installed new. Still cannot set V2 speed and activate it on MCP.
  7. My weights were pounds not kgs if that helps. And panel state I loaded the on GPU. I may have time this weekend to try it again with a clean install.
  8. In day time cockpit gets dark when sun is in some positions and dome light I think is not bright enough
  9. Airport has no STAR. I select runway ILS and transition and press return and nothing is entered in FMS flight plan page.
  10. One more odd bug? found is no more minimum callouts on my flights. How can I reset everything?
  11. Other posts here say it is a bug and do not use ATIS in FMS until fixed in an update
  12. Request a Iran Air Tours A310 livery. Example EP-MDK Thank you.
  13. Old bug in MSFS icing engine. When you see icing conditions on ecam turn on engine anti ice!
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