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(too) Bad fps


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Reporting fps with MSFS Beta Update ( with the a310. FPS is still on the low end with lowest fps at 18 on my last approach at a big airport while spawning at low end airport is at 38fps, at cruise level it is also at 38fps it seems to be locking the fps at 38 not more on my end not sure why. Though slight improvement has been noted in regards to camera panning. Previously when i pan the camera there is moderate drop in fps, now it is more consistent.


Overall still 15fps away from Fenix and 20fps from the PMDG. Package folder still empty with only work folder being present. Technically the beta update has yet to address the WASM compilation issue. 

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22 hours ago, FlyingOnRails said:

I noticed something strange today. Haven't flown for 2 or 3 days and the last time I remembered flying the A310, the wasm modules where in "DEBUG" mode, like it was for everybody else. I changed absolutely nothing and just decided to check if this is still the case, now both (main module and fuel system) seem to be in "RELEASE" state?

The "work" foulder though (where all the compiled .dlls should be in) is still empty.



(In case you wonder about my FPS, don't. I'm running a heavily overclocked (5.7 - 6.2 GHz) 13900k on a custom water loop and DDR5-7200 with tightened timings, so not the most common setup - i still get 10 to 20 FPS more in the Fenix or PMDG and I'm still CPU limited with the A310. For me it was always flyable but it's still more demanding than the other complex aircraft. The FPS don't have improved or worsened for me since WASM says "RELEASE" for the build type)

THe important part is the dll path. If there is nothing written behind it (like you have it, or how its in my pic too) then you still have the issue.

Apparently its a display issue with encrypted files (if the bug entry from Asobo is connected to this). Important part is the dll path, it seems. 

Dont quote me on it though. I dont understand what is going on there really.

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So, as it turned out (according to some ppl in our community) there is no WASM problem at all and it all is simply a wrong display of information in the Editor window? 

I really try to not be that guy but could you please inform us to what is the situation now? The info from you and various people here and the rumors start to get a little bit weird tbh.

Ive spent quite a few hours trying to troubleshoot this, since ppl say they would have a dll path in there and wasm cache files in the folder. And the info itself comes also from you, that if the plane is loading in quick/no wasm files the install is corrupted.

And no i saw that all that is wrong?

The next question i have, if that is the case and there is actually no issue from WASM side, that leads to this bad performance, is this the intended performance? Just asking, because its around 300 to 500% difference to any other plane i have.

On an intel 9900k and a rtx 2080 and i would call it unflyable. From MD80 over PMDG to Fenix, they all work without problems (besides Fenix having some form of vram issue here and there) but this plane is hammering the cpu in  away that not even a brute force benchmark is. It crashed the whole sim last flight to KSFO because the fps went into single digits. 
Single digits, where i reach easily (locked) 30 fps in the other plane and probably up to 50 in a GA plane, with my current settings.

I can fly okish in some lousy areas, where the cpu has nothing to do with the terrain but any bigger city its the very same. Single digits. 

And please, no im not the guy who has everything on ultimate (in fact i tell everyone that there is no reason to have them that high...) and also not that one who has 15 apps running in the BG or 500 addons installed. I think i know what im doing and what not, for the most part.

Seems im missing something.

PS: i have a very bad feeling to "rant" about a freeware plane. But sadly the plane is too good to ignore it, what made invest a lot of time trying to fix it. And that caused my bloodpressure to boil a bit 🙂

And to be complete, ive tried everything already.... From settings to all the stuff we should do after updates, like emptying caches, comm folder, scenery indexes and all those things. Ive reinstalled at least 15 times (not even sure why....), the real way by also deleting the stuff in localState and Simobjects and whatnot.
This is happing in a basically fresh sim . 

If there is no wasm issue then i would really want to know what else makes it that bad in perfromance.

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Here a pic from what im talking about. This is around high settings, a few settings lower and 120 LOD.

Same situation gives me 38 fps in the 737 (if i turn off 30 fps vsync to test) . Didnt test Fenix but usually its everywhere locked 30 as well.

552 ms mainthread. Thats a number. Happens in any city.


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12 hours ago, Senchay said:

If there is no wasm issue then i would really want to know what else makes it that bad in perfromance.

So far everything is up to speculation. But since the fps disparity between other aircraft have been significant. The difference of nearly 10-20fps lower for me than the rest i would say there is definitely poor optimization involve. Plus i feel this aircraft does not run well on 4k. The beta update only brings minor fixes with the wasm encryption fixed but still no dll cache generated. For most users this will still be an issue for mid to high spec pc users to at least maintain consistent 30fps on peak scenery. Ini claims the wasm was not the issue but so far fps is still tanking. It has only been 1 week since release with 1 beta update so far which can be considered quick, so it seem we have to be patient again.

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Beta Update Some updates for the a310 but fps optimization still not up to standard.

Comparison between the a310, fenix a320 and pmdg 737-800
A310 still on the low 30fps with occasional frames dopping to below 30fps. The rest are at 40fps. This is on high settings 1080p.

It is also noted the CPU and GPU utilization of the a310 is still very low. Gpu usage never at 70% and the cpu on 30%. The fenix would be at 60% cpu and 70% on the gpu whereas the pmdg would be on 30% cpu but 80% on the gpu. Might explain why the a310 is on the low fps side as resource hardware utilization is still low.





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6 hours ago, gumbyger said:

I don´t know what you are doing with your A310, but these are my FPS

For me the FPS is basically identical in all three

I'm not doing NOTHING with my A310, because it's simply impossible to use

The fact that you have an identical situation, and me and other people we are experiencing a loss of more then 10 FPS (!!!) it's the proof that there is something wrong with this aircraft, and it's not simply optimization or PC specs

I have a GeForce RTX 3070Ti and Intel Core i7-11700k, and i get this






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14 hours ago, gumbyger said:

I don´t know what you are doing with your A310, but these are my FPS





For me the FPS is basically identical in all three

PC specs? Do not quote rtx 3000 series or more lol. People with less than gen 10 intel i7s and rtx2000s can still get more frames on other payware aircrafts.

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I have tried starting the a310 with an empty Community folder no gsx no payware airport no other aircrafts yes more fps of 41fps on ground. Switching between standard and enhance a310 and there is no fps difference. Tried the pmdg with the same naked community folder and its nearly 60fps on ground for that aircraft lol and fenix at about 53fps. Populating the community folder with many stuff is just a 5-8fps penalty for PMDG AND FENIX at my end.

Other aircrafts with populated community folder would still command higher frame rates by 10-15fps average than the a310.

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Hello, any news regarding the WASM not compiling issue?

I have like many others horrendous bad fps with this bird cos it's not compiling. I've tried to uninstall it, deleted the packages folder in roaming (steam version here) and installed and restarted MSFS again, but still no luck 😞 It loads directly through, no 10 min wait and no compiled files in the package folder. Fast WASM compiling in dev console is also off.

It's really bad, i have a RTX3070 and a i7 8700K (i know, not the newest...) it's OC to all core 4.8 GHz. With the PMDG 737 I've constantly between 40 and 75 FPS and no drops what so ever, totally smooth experience. Meanwhile in the A310, i only got between 15 and 30 FPS but most importantly it doesn't feels smooth it's laggy and sloooowww.

I hope this is under further investigation and don't get ignored, thank you.

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WASM not compiling actually never was an issue, we just initially thought it was, but it wasn't.

Now, the frames shouldn't be that much worse as on the PMDG, in fact for me, they are nearly identical. I posted my screenshots earlier in this thread.


However for the next update there are some more performance improvements, hopefully it'll get better for you as well then 🙂

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Just an update.

Was tickering around with the performance issue. Upgraded my Ram from 3200mhz 16GB to 3600mhz 32GB and noticed my ram speeds was clocked at 2666mhz.

Found out that my BIOS all this while had been underclocking my 3200mhz ram to 2666mhz even with intel XMP set to on. Had to update my BIOS manually, as the UEFI over the wired ethernet kept informing that the bios is already the latest when it was not. Updating the firmware enabled intel XMP to clock the ram speeds correctly.

The upgrade to 3600mhz + 32GB seems to give the a310 a significant fps boost.

As my previous post at dense airport the fps was 30 for the a310. The ram upgrade seems to push the a310 to 40fps average at dense airport now. Then PMDG and fenix also gained more frames but it was significant as compared to the a310.

So anyone out there might want to check the ram speeds over the BIOS to see if intel XMP or AMD DOCP is working as intended.


a310 ram upgrade2.png

a320 ram upgrade2.png

b738 ram upgrade2.jpg

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I also get very very low performance with the A310.

My fps locked to 40 fps and for exapmle, In KJFK I get 13-18 fps with a310 whereas I get 33-35 fps with pmdg 737 and fbw a320. Simply it is not flyable for me and since I really like the a310, this is very annoying for me. 



i7 9700k

32 gb ram

1tb m2 ssd

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  • 4 months later...

i did a test between these three airliners and the fps seems to be more stable than previous update, but there is still more work needs to be done regarding that!

what do you folks think?





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