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  1. Have there been any indications as to when will the optimized version with WASM compilation fix be released?
  2. How do we resolve the WASM compilation issue? First load for A310, after SU11 update took the same time as usual indication the compilaiotn did not happen.
  3. Mine definetly took more than 60 seconds, more like under 2 minutes but definetly not more than that. Is there a way I can check WASM compilation?
  4. I usually get 21-24 FPS with Fenix + FSLTL at a complext airport like Aerosoft Brussles and everything is smooth. Took A310 for a spin at Seattle Tacome (default) without any AI traffic and got a lot of stuttring. Not sure what to do here, any help will be appreciated. i7 12700K, RTX3070, 32 Gb RAM (3200MHz) all running at 1440p.
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