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    (too) Bad fps

    Here a pic from what im talking about. This is around high settings, a few settings lower and 120 LOD. Same situation gives me 38 fps in the 737 (if i turn off 30 fps vsync to test) . Didnt test Fenix but usually its everywhere locked 30 as well. 552 ms mainthread. Thats a number. Happens in any city.
  2. Senchay

    (too) Bad fps

    So, as it turned out (according to some ppl in our community) there is no WASM problem at all and it all is simply a wrong display of information in the Editor window? I really try to not be that guy but could you please inform us to what is the situation now? The info from you and various people here and the rumors start to get a little bit weird tbh. Ive spent quite a few hours trying to troubleshoot this, since ppl say they would have a dll path in there and wasm cache files in the folder. And the info itself comes also from you, that if the plane is loading in quick/no wasm files the install is corrupted. And no i saw that all that is wrong? The next question i have, if that is the case and there is actually no issue from WASM side, that leads to this bad performance, is this the intended performance? Just asking, because its around 300 to 500% difference to any other plane i have. On an intel 9900k and a rtx 2080 and i would call it unflyable. From MD80 over PMDG to Fenix, they all work without problems (besides Fenix having some form of vram issue here and there) but this plane is hammering the cpu in away that not even a brute force benchmark is. It crashed the whole sim last flight to KSFO because the fps went into single digits. Single digits, where i reach easily (locked) 30 fps in the other plane and probably up to 50 in a GA plane, with my current settings. I can fly okish in some lousy areas, where the cpu has nothing to do with the terrain but any bigger city its the very same. Single digits. And please, no im not the guy who has everything on ultimate (in fact i tell everyone that there is no reason to have them that high...) and also not that one who has 15 apps running in the BG or 500 addons installed. I think i know what im doing and what not, for the most part. Seems im missing something. PS: i have a very bad feeling to "rant" about a freeware plane. But sadly the plane is too good to ignore it, what made invest a lot of time trying to fix it. And that caused my bloodpressure to boil a bit 🙂 And to be complete, ive tried everything already.... From settings to all the stuff we should do after updates, like emptying caches, comm folder, scenery indexes and all those things. Ive reinstalled at least 15 times (not even sure why....), the real way by also deleting the stuff in localState and Simobjects and whatnot. This is happing in a basically fresh sim . If there is no wasm issue then i would really want to know what else makes it that bad in perfromance.
  3. Senchay

    (too) Bad fps

    THe important part is the dll path. If there is nothing written behind it (like you have it, or how its in my pic too) then you still have the issue. Apparently its a display issue with encrypted files (if the bug entry from Asobo is connected to this). Important part is the dll path, it seems. Dont quote me on it though. I dont understand what is going on there really.
  4. Senchay

    (too) Bad fps

    Thats how mine looks. Again different from what is shown up there.... How can there be many different versions of this issue. That sadly doesnt tell anything. A fresh install often runs fatster than an older one with tons of stuff installed. If you dont have wasm/cache/build files in the LocalState folder then all the new install didnt help for this problem 🙂 Not saying it didnt fix it but as long you dont check for the build version or dll path, like seen in my pic, you will not know the truth.
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