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  1. With SU15 out, is there any updates on the way and is this also being pushed for that build?
  2. The flap positions are all wrong. From config 1+f, 2 down to 3. It seems Fenix is still the go to a320 for now. Even FBW is limited by the asobo model.
  3. Disarm function only works when recognition light is switched off. I think the devs need to allow the the disarm door button to work once parking brake is set instead. Cause i have some sceneries where the moment u dock in the jetways starts connecting automatically without even requesting.
  4. Not sure for the A300 but for the A320 and up to the A380. Once you retracted the landing gear on take off the logo lights will be turned off automatically. On descent even turning it on by the switches the tail logo lights would only be turned on if you selected flaps config 2 onwards even config 1 wont trigger it.
  5. I just tried this out Hong Kong (Chek Lap Kok) Intl. Airport (VHHH) NavData for Three-runway System It sort of fix most of the issues with missing runways of 07L and 25R and waypoints. But note some of the Loc pointers are still heavily missplaced and you would have to manually plot them or delete them to avoid jamming the fmc. I noticed my FMC jammed cause it was drawing up a lot of incoherent lnav directions whenever selecting any arrivals of 07R and 25L.
  6. VHHH still a no go. Selecting STAR arrivals will jam the FMC. Odd thing only 07R, 25L are available.
  7. I did 2 long sectors and 1 very short 1 so far no issues apart from the annoying very minor bouncing compression on the nose gear when decelerating from 3knots to 0 knots with brake pedal applied. I am getting a bit frustrated cause this was logged for 3 months without any patch issued to address it and i ended up having to eyeball a self DIY fix on the contact points.
  8. Some further checks with adjusting the nose gear contact points. 1) Abrupt deceleration causes wonky bouncing. 2)low speed around 3knots to 0 knots causes the same wonky bounce. Currently adjusted the points to minimize the disturbances but it is still around Seems to be the only go to while we wait for the devs to push a proper update.
  9. Looks okay now. Still not nose down enough but its a compromise.
  10. Okay looks like i've found a little niche area without compromising too much. Also just did 2 circuits does not seem to have any CTD causing stuff. What to do Locate the flight_model.cfg file at Community\inibuilds-aircraft-a300-600\SimObjects\Airplanes Inside this directory there are 4 variants of the A300-600 each needing some changes to their respective cfg. Open flight_model.cfg as notepad for each aircraft Ammend the line under [CONTACT POINTS] Replace the following below. point.0 = 1, 46.700022, 0, -15.574176, 2000, 0, 1.68, 65, 1.0, 1.15, 0.85, 22, 22, 0, 0, 0, 2 Save what you have edited. Note it may still look off visually but at least the nosegear does not seem to sink so far into the ground now.
  11. Some interesting stuff. Played around the flight_model.cfg namely [CONTACT_POINTS] under point.0 = 1, 46.700022, 0, -15.574176, 2000, 0, 1.68, 65, 0.328, 2, 0.33, 22, 22, 0, 0, 0, 2 The 2 figures that has highlighted bold seems to effect the nosegear relative to the ground but unfortunately not for dampening nor compression. A high value used "1.23" and "1.25" than the bold default values results in lower nose gear which by right makes the nose down look there but this results in the nose gear sinking further into the ground. A lower level results in the nose gear gradually rising above the ground to a point it floats. Overall there just does not seem to be any compression with whatever weights added that effects the nosegear compression no matter what contact points have been amended. The default modeling of the nosegear itself appears to be tall in default. Another fishy area that i am suspecting is under static_pitch =-0.2
  12. Tried to take a look at the data values especially for contact points from the A310 but it being an official msfs aircraft means the flight_model.cfg file is encrypted by Asobo!
  13. chinjh

    Sound Mixing

    Still barely hear the alttiude callout during approach tried various different volume mix to no avail.
  14. When u make rudder inputs does the Nose wheel tiller circled here turn as well?
  15. I believe they've incorporated some part of the ground physics with the latest update. Confirm you only do 90 degree turns at under 9knots and not more? cause it is recommended not to do sharp turns at higher speeds.
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