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  1. Hello, Can you confirm that the gear was in the off position (center)? Cheers, Bart
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum, First of all could you link your forum account with your store account? That way I can move the topic to the right place. You can find out more on how to do this below: Secondly, this is not a possibility. You can however put in a STAR and delete the waypoints. Cheers, Bart
  3. Good to hear. I will now lock this topic. Cheers, Bart
  4. Thank you, Just to make sure, you used the TerrainRadar plugin provided with the plane and you didn't rename any of the folders / files included in the plane? We will look into this. Cheers, Bart
  5. Could you give us your log.txt. Cheers, Bart
  6. Can you provide a screenshot of what it looks like in the sim? Cheers, Bart
  7. Hello, Can you confirm you put the TerrainRadar folder in the resources/plugins folder? Cheers, Bart
  8. Hello, We do sincerely apologise for this issue.Our development team are always looking for ways to optimise this. It is evidently a certain population experiencing this issue.We will let you know when this has been resolved, but there will be no quick fix.My apologies again. Bart
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum, Could you provide us a bit more information about the route? E.g. citypair, f-pln route, panel state used, etc? Cheers, Bart
  10. Hello, This is a known issue and we are looking at fixing it. Cheers, Bart
  11. Hello, This is a known issue and we are working on a fix! Cheers, Bart
  12. Hello, Thank you for the kind words and the excellent feedback. We have taken note and will look into this. Cheers, Bart
  13. Hello again, Can you confirm that your 'experimental flightmodel' setting is unticked in XPlane? Cheers, Bart
  14. Hello, Yes, please create a ticket on Direct Support and a colleague will help you! Cheers, Bart
  15. Hello, Welcome to the forum! Could you confirm the name of the file you exported from PFPX? Cheers, Bart
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