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  1. Hello, We recently released v1.11: Cheers, Bart
  2. Hello, The A380 is still in active development! Cheers, Bart
  3. Hello, There is currently no plans to sell our products on the X-Plane.org store! Cheers, Bart
  4. Hello, They all go in the liveries folder, however depending on the livery you choose one either the PW or GE variant in the X-Plane menu. Cheers, Bart
  5. Hello, Thank you for the kind words! Will pass them on to the team Cheers, Bart
  6. Hello, That's good to hear. For a long term solution I would suggest contacting Swisscom to get this resolved! Cheers, Bart
  7. Hello, We have had multiple reports of people having issues with Swisscom and with downloading from our store, could you confirm which provider you use? This can also be done in a private message if you are not comfortable with sharing it publicly ofcourse! As a temporary fix you could also try using a VPN to see if this solves the issue, this has worked for the other people who experienced this issue! Apologies for the inconvenience.Cheers,Bart
  8. Hello, The plane is not officially VR compatible, however the kind people at SimVRLabs created a VR config for us. When we updated the plane to v1.10 this conflicted with their VR config. They are now working on making their config compatible again! Cheers, Bart
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum, You can get the update from your store account page! Cheers, Bart
  10. Hello, There is currently no plans to bring them over to P3D! Cheers, Bart
  11. FSBart


    Hello, There is currently no plans to bring the A300 over to P3D! Cheers, Bart
  12. Hello again, Please contact direct support here: https://www.inibuilds.com/contact. One of my colleagues will help you out with fixing this. Cheers, Bart
  13. Hello, Apologies for the inconvenience, we are working on getting this rectified! Cheers, Bart
  14. Hello, It's not officially compatible at this time! Cheers, Bart
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