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  1. Don

    Livery Request

    Hey Jdon, An Air Jamaica livery has been already requested on the iniBuilds Discord. It's recommended you drop your requests in the Discord server as our painters keep an eye on the A300 livery requests channel! You can join at this link: https://inib.uk/discord Kind regards, Don
  2. Don

    Iberia A300-B4

    Hi gijon767, Happy to say the exact request has already been made! You can drop an A300 Passenger or Freighter livery request in our Discord as our painters keep track of requests there. You can simply join at this link: https://inib.uk/discord Kind regards, Don
  3. Hello, Currently there is no option within the included EFB to make the cockpit windows completely clear. However, it does efficiently replicate how clear you can look out the window as you would in reality.
  4. Hello, Is your FSLabs on version v5.0.1.100 or above? N467UA is apart of the United A320 pack only compatible with the FSLabs PBR update.
  5. Hey Arthur, We do actually have social media pages which are listed below: Facebook Twitter Instagram Go ahead and give us a follow
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