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  1. Hello, Make sure you have the Dynamic Lighting box ticked in the Prepar3D menu. Another idea is re-installing the scenery, if the issue still continues please contact the developers of LTFM (Scenery TR). Kind regards, Isaac
  2. Hello Peter, Please make sure you have disabled the Aerosoft Heathrow dynamic lighting in the config, also the green/yellow on the ground are the Aerosoft Heathrow night ground textures. Kind regards, Isaac
  3. Hello John, There are FCOM's available for the A300/A310 with a simple google search, we have also created a video series of our A300 going through the systems of the aircraft. Our video series: https://inib.uk/A300TheTraining Kind regards, Isaac
  4. Hello denhel, Please join our discord and please place your request in the #a300-livery-requests channel. iniBuilds Offical Discord. Kind regards, Isaac
  5. Hello everyone, We have just published episode 4 of The Training series, in this episode we go through the procedures for setting up the aircraft for departure and talk about the taxi behavior of the A300. Episode 4: FCU Setup & 1.11 Overview - Part 1 Engine Start & Taxi - Part 2 Takeoff & Climb - Part 3 The Training Playlist.
  6. Development on the A380 has always been ongoing and the update does not mention anything about not developing for X-Plane.
  7. Hello KiwiJez, We currently do not offer such presets you are requesting for ENVTEX or ENVSHADE products. Kind regards, Isaac
  8. Hello Matthewpow, Our painting team is very busy, however we will take a look at N493AS when we are able to. Kind regards, Isaac
  9. Hi DonKelly, Our FeelThere v3 liveries are only compatible for Prepar3D v4.4+. I also believe that the FeelThere E-Jets v3 is only compatible for Prepar3D v4.4 and up. Kind regards, Isaac
  10. Hi Luca, We have not tested our Aerosoft Hamburg Professional GSX Profile for the latest version of the Aerosoft sim-wings Hamburg P3D v4.5-5 scenery. The Aerosoft Hamburg Professional GSX Profile currently available was intended for the Aerosoft - German Airports Hamburg Professional for P3D v4 which is the predecessor to the new Aerosoft Hamburg scenery which was recently released. Kind regards, Isaac
  11. Hello Flyingscotsman, I have moved your post to the Scottish Aviation Bulldog > Technical Support, thread. You will find support for the aircraft here. Best regards, Isaac
  12. That's awesome! Look forward to seeing more screenshots!
  13. Here is Part 3 of the first look video by Airline2Sim of the iniSimulations A300-600R(F).
  14. Threshold has just uploaded their first look video on the iniSimulations A300-600R(F)!
  15. Here is Part 2 of the first look video by Airline2Sim of the iniSimulations A300-600R(F). Check it out:
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