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  1. I love that shot! I'm glad to see you're enjoying the plane
  2. Our team has been hard at work over the past few months to bring the iconic A300-600R(F) to life and provide you with the most excellent experience in the virtual skies! Welcome to the best experience in X-Plane 11: The iniSimulations A300-600(R)F ON THE LINE - The Trailer Enter to win a copy of the iniSimulations A300-600(R)F ON THE LINE here: https://inibuilds.com/a300-giveaway
  3. Hi @TrainyUK, I have a couple of troubleshooting steps for you to try find the root of this issue: Attempt to access/download from the following three links, the attached file is a 787-10 livery. and just a redirect link to a website at the end: Root Link CDN Link Host Link See if you can also access this site and download a test file of any size: Host Speed Test Link If you can access NONE of the above links, then it is unfortunately a firewall or configuration issue on your network, computer or a rule set by your ISP. Further troubleshooting steps you can take are testing th
  4. After attempting several solutions for exclusion BGLs with height problems among some other issues encountered by users, we've decided it's best to take down the following; KSAN, OTHH and LATI exclusion BGLs from iniBuilds. We recommend holding tight and waiting for the developers' Prepar3D v5 patch/update in the meantime if you're looking to make use of these airports with them appearing correctly and without issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Here is one of the raised forum threads with issues:
  5. Following further tests and configurations, we've switched our email API and this issue appears to have now been solved. Topic closed.
  6. Hi Patrick, Thanks for your suggestions. I'll pass these comments onto our team!
  7. Thanks for letting us know guys. We’re aware of this issue and should have it solved very soon
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