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  1. Hello, thanks for reaching out. The snow in the pictures is XP12-specific generated snow by default, the scenery is optimized for XP12 to make it compatible with this feature. 🙂 In XP11 there are no snow effects or winter textures available for this product. Kind regards Chris
  2. Hello, thanks for reaching out! There is a pre-pandemic (or after-pandemic) version of the airport. The file is attached below. Just unzip, copy in your community folder and overwrite when asked. Kind regards Chris xometry-kvcv-victorville.rar
  3. Hello Matthew, thanks for reaching out. I'm involved in a few iniScene MSFS scenery projects, that's why the Xometry XP12 updates are delayed, I keep that in mind to update those as soon as I can, but unfortunately, I can't give you a time frame on that. Kind regards, Chris
  4. Hello, thanks for reaching out! It is completely normal behavior that the frames will drop a bit if you move the view to areas where more objects/clutter are placed. But interesting is how many frames you lose by moving the camera into those areas. As I can see in your log.txt, you have a strong GPU, so normally it can handle this scenery easily.. Can you tell me how many frames you have by default and by moving the camera to the terminal area? The scenery was developed and tested by using a GTX1070 without any heavy stutters. Kind regards
  5. Hello, thanks for reaching out. We checked this in our sim as well and everything was fine. It seems like something went wrong with your installation. Please make sure you have no other add ons/mesh add ons for this airport installed, as this can occur issues like this. Kind regards Chris
  6. Hello, thanks for reaching out. I've looked through the files and it seems like the SAM library isn't correctly installed. The log.txt tells Failed to find resource 'SAM_Library/dockings/marshaller.obj' which means that an asset from the SAM library could not be found. Please check if you have the SAM library correctly installed and make sure you use the latest version. Kind regards Chris
  7. Hello Matt, Yes KCRW will be updated to provide XP12 compatibility. I can't say an exact date but it's in the queue for the next months. Kind regards Chris
  8. @tomcanfly On occasion, please share your Ortho4XP settings before you start generating the tile. This may be helpful for troubleshooting.
  9. @tomcanfly Hello Tom, Let me discuss this issue with the colleague who made the mesh patch. I'll get back to you as soon as I have more information. Kind regards Chris
  10. @Opsman1628 Hello, thanks for your purchase. Here is a manual on how to use patches in Ortho4XP: Ortho4XP v.1.30 - Copy +40-080 inside your Ortho4XP/Patches folder. - Now you can generate the +42-079 tile in Ortho4XP using your preferred settings and the patch will ensure the airport terrain is as accurate as possible. Ortho4XP v.1.20 - Go to +40-080/+42-079 - Copy +42-079 inside your Ortho4XP/Patches folder. - Now you can generate the +42-079 tile in Ortho4XP using your preferred settings and the patch will ensure the airport terrain is as accurate as possible. Note: If you already have this tile built, you can move your existing tile back into the Tiles folder in Ortho4XP, delete everything but the textures folder, and then run Ortho4XP again, this will save a lot of time not having to regenerate the textures again. If you have further questions or need more support, don't hesitate to jump on the Xometry discord server: https://discord.gg/ggnHwHgqYq
  11. Hello, thanks for reaching out. I noticed that too and thought the problem had been fixed after my last test. I assumed that it was a typo in a texture reference. The texture is there, but the error message still appears, that's strange. I will go through the files again.
  12. @BRH Hello Günter, thanks for your purchase! Here is the missing mesh file for you: Kind regards Chris ZZ_Xometry_LPPD_mesh.zip
  13. @CJ_Reed Thanks for reaching out! We noticed that also and will provide some corrections and changed SAM jetways parameters with the next update. Kind regards, Chris
  14. Hello, thanks for your purchase! For the MFS version of KVCV there is only the pandemic, i.e. the current aircraft arrangement at the airport. However, we will discuss whether to release a pre-pandemic version as well. Kind regards Chris
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