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  1. Hi there, I have seen pictures, on the official product page that makes KBUF look like its winter everywhere. Is this specific to XP12 or does it work in 11 to? Maybe I missed something..? Would just like to have it clarified, thank you so much 🙂 Troy
  2. Ok no problem on the manual. Yes I bought it through the Inibuilds store and saw it installed all 3 folders automatically. But thats what I was trying to figure out. Was this a patch that needs to be used to build the tile with my own ortho to match, or does it install no matter what. I currently do have custom ortho including that tile. Nothing had looked different with or without the patch installed so hence my curiousity! Thank you!
  3. Opsman1628

    XP manual?

    Hi there. First off, thank you so much for bringing this scenery to XP as well the incredible MSFS version. I am curious if there is any manual to this scenery to check about installation and files and such. Also I'm curious about this ortho patch? It looks like the ini file automatically installed this folder, but I was trying to confirm if this was for if I had custom ortho for the area or if this is actually an ortho tile for this? I currently do have custom Ortho4XP for this tile and surrounding so I was thinking about figuring out how to use this patch. Anyways, thank you again. Look forward to the udpate for the textures missing error 🙂
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