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  1. Big thanks indeed to you Captain Chris ! All working first time. For others reading this I simply downloaded the current file SAM 3.0.14 from Xplane org. Following instructions and place in the Xplane plugins folder. I simply re-booted the computer, and loaded up a flight from KCRW...and there in full glory the airport!. Did a quick flight. Love the Marshall with his very accurate waving arms ! he stopped me right on the yellow B1 CRJ. Astonishing. Simmer for many yrs and PPL 27 yrs ago at KOMN Fl. '28days crash course' I have never heard of SAM. Captain C, one very happy 68yrs retired person from UK's South coast near EGHH. M777. 2B3A0235-9F05-4636-B062-6F257D537C65.heic
  2. Chris, received and I will now down load and try SAM following the instructions carefully. Gingers crossed. Standby. M777.
  3. Problem – The purchased scenery does not appear when loading up – just grass everywhere, not even default Xplane software . Installation is successful and using your iniManger; using correct file path The Xometry files can be seen Custom Scenery / Xometry / and is 2.27GB 936 files "V1.01 fxd issus with mesh patch" Analysis of the xplane Log.txt file sates “requires additional library scenery package or missing some files” io_dsf.cpp:808 Can you please advise what I need to do to rectify the problem. I have read all the 'read me' files. Pictures of my Xplane screen showing the problem but not how the rectify. Also the Xplane log file for information. Hope full this will be enough information to guide someone to the correct technical solution Best wishes, very frustrating. M777 UK 85518EE3-5C44-4A52-9122-E761F4AE4993.heic
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