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  1. Evening, I recently installed X-Plane 12 on my computer. I have not been successful with the installation of the custom scenery for EGE, my local airport. I went to your web site and got the update installed. Not certain it is installed correctly as there are three folders in the Custom scenery folder now. Did the SAM program download and extraction to the X-Plane root folder Based on not seeing the buildings I also figure the order in the “scenery_packs.ini” may be off. Not certain of the order and there are multiple line items regarding EGE. Copy included. “Log” file is also included. Per your request. What is the super simple fix I am overlooking? EGE Error 02162023.docx Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  2. Ok. That seems to have resolved things. Not sure where I missed it in the original install. Fun to have it working. Thanks.
  3. Purchased the KEGE airport scenery last week. Purchase 20663. From the confirmation e-mail I received from the iniBuilds store, went to “Access Downloads”. An “iniManager” program was installed and explained it was the product used to install and manager updates of multiple graphics vendors. Logging in, found my purchase selected install. Looked good, no errors to see. After the install I confirmed the “Xometry - KEGE..” folder is in the “Custom Scenery” folder. Next, added the code line to the “scenery_packs” configuration setting. Added the line to the very top. It is almost distinguishable at the very bottom of the page. (copy is attached) Keep receiving errors that "There was a problem loading the scenery package: Attached is a Word doc with screen shots and the X-Plane Log file. kege-sc.docx Log.txt
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