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The NEO model

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Model of the wing is off.. Seems the modelers don't care about how it should be?

Also, the gear details do disapear on close up. So does the lights still, nav, strobe and such.. Please fix!

Still a bit more to do on the fps side.

I hope you use your time to get it right before the SU15 release in april.

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I dont think the model is going to change ever, they do not seem to give it that much attention. It is freeware so somewhat understandable. But I also can not look at it honestly. The wings, sharklets and flaps look like dogshit. But it is better overall than the asobo one in terms of systems so xbox players hopefully like it.

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6 hours ago, chinjh said:

The flap positions are all wrong. From config 1+f, 2 down to 3. It seems Fenix is still the go to a320 for now. Even FBW is limited by the asobo model.

Absolutely. This was known from the beginning, so end of November. Sad they could not fix it in all this time

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