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KVCV Victorville Pre-Pandemic in MSFS?

Steve Greenspan

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I am quite disappointed to see that there is only a Pandemic version of KVCV in the MSFS store.  I recently purchased the airport from the store based on the feature list stating that both pre- and post- versions were available.  Please look at the MSFS store and advise.

Purchase was today, 16 October 2023.


Thank you.




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Thanks Chris!

Just a note:  When purchased on the Microsoft Store, the airport is installed as "inibuilds-kvcv-victorville" in the OneStore directory of MSFS.

I copied the "scenery" directory from your "xometry-kvcv-victorville" attachment and overwrote the existing files when asked.  Let me know if this was correct.


Much appreciation for the quick response.




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