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Development Update #9 - Roadmap for 2021 and a thank you!


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In the final development update of the year, we are excited to announce our roadmap for 2021 and a brief reflection on 2020. 

Just yesterday we released v1.10 of the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE. We hope you are enjoying this update and thank you for your time and patience whilst this was in development during the latter part of this year.

We have seen 1 or 2 minor things arise and will push an update for this out shortly. We thank you once again for your patience with this.

iniSimulations A310-300

As you may be aware, we teased a photo last week of our next project and today I am really proud to announce that we are, as many have guessed, making the iniSimulations A310-300!






This product will be a standalone product from the A300 with a 35% off discount for our A300 customers. We are also going to offer a discount for A310 customers to purchase the A300. They can purchase the A300 for 25% off.

This product consists of many new and improved 3D elements including a new wing and a full overhaul of the exterior textures! We also will be introducing enhanced wingflex and of course the long-range capabilities the A310-300 is known for; additionally also utilizing the experimental flight model present in the most recent version of X-Plane 11.

This is just a brief list with an extensive, more detailed changelog to come soon. I am also pleased to report that the base package will consist of both the freighter and passenger as we did with the A300; with the freighter releasing first and the passenger variant coming soon after.

I am also pleased to announce that we will be making two expansions off the base packages of both the A300 & A310 and a brand new family of airliners. What these are and what they pertain to will be disclosed in January/February 2021! Work on all of these are in full swing at this moment in time.

iniSimulations A380

Moving onto the project we get asked about all the time - the A380!

The Airbus A380 is a very complex aircraft and these things do take time; and more importantly we want to do it properly. At this time we have no ETA set for this internally and are working through this project alongside our other engagements. Some of the core team members responsible are not involved in our other engagements on a day-to-day basis.

This is probably not the update you were expecting but I leave you with some screenshots of our A380 model only in Microsoft Flight Simulator - exploring the new environment the new sim has provided. We are not promising anything, like other developers, as the simulator is still maturing with things changing on a frequent basis.

P.S We are always looking for talented creators within the flight simulation community to join our experienced team and help drive us in bringing excellent products to the community! If you are interested as an individual or as a company in working together please do contact us: inibuilds.com/careers.



iniScene and Shoreham

iniScene, our scenery development branch, will be getting a lot of attention in 2021 with many projects planned for both X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As we announced in October, iniScene Shoreham has been in testing since October with a few things being re-worked as the SDK for Microsoft Flight Simulator evolves.


That rounds up for what we have for you in this year's final development update. We thank you immensely for your support during this incredibly challenging year for us all.

Our team will be out of the office from December 21st, 2020 - January 4th, 2021 for the holidays, more information can be found hereinibuilds.com/holiday-update.

To engage with us in a more direct manner please do join our Discord: inib.uk/discord.

Thank you and have a lovely holiday season! 

All the best,
Ubaid on behalf of the iniBuilds Team

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  • Sam changed the title to Development Update #9 - Roadmap for 2021 and thank you!
  • Sam changed the title to Development Update #9 - Roadmap for 2021 and a thank you!
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Amazing ! iniBuilds is an unprecedented surprise in the world of flight sim. What you've done with the A300 and upcoming A310 is astonishing. Will support you all the way! Thank you so much for the hard top quality job you did for us to enjoy! 

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1 hour ago, [GGCH]BOOMer said:

Nice update guys awesome work you’re doing here and love the v1.10 of the A300. Would also love to know if the A380 will come to X-Plane 🙂 

Yes, they said at the very beginning of the project that it was initially for X-plane so I think they will do both .

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2 hours ago, Guxi said:

Looking forward to the A310!! I realy miss this plane! I hope you will made this beautiful liverys!





A fan of the Swiss I see. I think this video may interest you (that is if you haven't already seen it) 🙂




Michael Göbel

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6 hours ago, SamSimmer said:

Hello, iniBuilds, will the A380 also for X-plane, or only MSFS? 

thanks, Sam

For sure, the A380 was initially planned for XP11 so I´m quite sure they´ll continue to develop the A380 for the sim. However, as they´re then probably developing it for XP and MSFS, two completely different simulators, I think it would be time to also bring this one to P3D. I don´t know if MSFS has already replaced P3D on the market for the A380 but XP is far behind P3D in terms of market for complex (and long haul) aircraft like any aircraft developed by inisimulations is (according to people who own XP and can therefore use and fly the A300, inisimulations aircraft seem to be pretty complex).


We have a huge lack of high quality and complex Airbus aircraft for all of the three simulators. The A380 is probably one of the most wanted aircraft in any of these sim-communities and it has been for years, you could say for all time since it first took to the skies. If inisimulations should be the first one to really manage the development and the release(!) of a complex and high quality A380 for a simulator, no matter which one, after quite some developing studios having failed on this challenge so far, I think ini should bring their rendition to all of the three main simulators. No doubt. 


Apart from that, even though I can´t use inisimulations´ work just yet (but I do of course hope that I can in the near future), I´d like to thank you all for having taken to the 3rd party flight sim market bringing such good aircraft to our simulators. That´s very much appreciated. 

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Can't wait for the A310, and very excited to see the future of inibuilds aircraft..
Maybe it's me being dense, but "two expansions off the base packages of both the A300 & A310". Does that mean one for each, or two for each model?

Also, I'm hoping you are planning to port the A300/A310 over to MSFS sometime in the future.

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14 minutes ago, captzjo said:

Hi inibuilds team. You guys probably have gotten this questions many times before. Do you have an plans to bring the A300 and A310 to P3D?




There is currently no plans to bring them over to P3D! 


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Bart Stoop
Project Manager | iniBuilds

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22 hours ago, BillUp said:

As a very jealous non XPlane user, I have to ask? Do you have any ambitions on releasing the quite awesome A300 for MSFS2020? Please say yes 😁👏

Just pick up X-Plane at the Christmas sale on steam for cheap. add in some free orthophotos and you're set! 

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Whilst I thouroughly appreciate the reply Leinsters, I am fully invested in MSFS2020. I have been down that rabbit hole before, spending £100's and £100's of Shackles on P3D, and do not intend to make that mistake again. 😁 Its okay saying buy XPlane and some Ortho, but I can't help myself and it won't stop there. All I can do is hope and prey that inibuilds see's the money pit waiting for them if they were to release the A300 for MSFS2020. 😊

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5 hours ago, BillUp said:

I am fully invested in MSFS2020. I have been down that rabbit hole before, spending £100's and £100's of Shackles on P3D, and do not intend to make that mistake again.

I understand what you're saying so much, however, if I were using MSFS as my primary simulator at the moment I'd be very disturbed by the statements of PMDG saying release of their airliners for the platform are at least one year in the future (aka: expect them in mid 2022). Other than what they said before release, during the influencer campaign, there seems to be a significant lack in SDK features for developers. I'm not saying spend hundreds on x-plane, but rather: Maybe wait a bit before you spend hundreds on MSFS 😉

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