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  1. There seems to be none here: https://youtu.be/OY6-hS5uClk?t=189 indicating that either there is none or it's a company option which isn't modelled in the inibuilds version. In addition the picture your posted is from an A320 if I'm not completely mistaken..
  2. There is no such thing as "ATC" on any standard sim.. Flight Unlimited 2 was an exception, the older ones will remember I was talking about either flying online on VATSIM or IVAO or maybe using Radar Contact (freeware now, still the best ATC addon in my opinion) or Pilot2ATC. As to the trim issues: as soon as you initiate the autopilot trim should be handled by the automation. So when changing altitude in cruise that should not be an issue and level change should do the trick. But I agree, V/S can be better for step climbs, especially if it's only 2000 feet or so. There's a simple rule of thumb: 3000 feet below target altitude it's 3000 feet per minute vertical speed, 2000 when 2 below, 1000 when 1 below. Helps not overshooting the runway and, if step climbing, doesn't call for excessive trust for only half a minute or so.
  3. That doesn't work on any aircraft to my knowledge, at leased I don't think it's the encouraged way of operating airliners.* Regardless whether you planned and filed step climbs these will always be requested and approved / disapproved by ATC, so in real life you never want the aircraft to start climbing and descending on its own. Entering step climbs in the FMS allows for a more accurate fuel prediction, but the pilots still have to dial in the new altitude and commence the climb. There are slight differences depending on aircraft type (e.g. the 737 will descend at TOD if you dialed in a lower altitude, *after* having been cleared by atc to descend at pilots discretion; other aircraft in the Airbus Family calculate and alert you for the optimum step climb position..), but the logic is basically the same for all airliners. So you're not doing anything wrong :-) While were at it, does any airliner have VNAV in climb and if yes what does that mean? To my knowledge managed climb in all aircraft I know only refers to target airspeed, and the climb rate then is a function of speed and calculated thrust. True? *if real world pilots would care to elaborate I'd be interested
  4. If that is the case you should be in VNAV/LNAV. Could you please specify, with "automatically following" do you refer to the aircraft automatically initiating climbs and descends based on what you entered in the FMS?
  5. Pulling knobs generally lets you select your desired value for e.g. Speed, overriding FMC calculated values or route constraints. For instance when in profile mode you might be given a ATC speed restriction and can pull the speed knob to tell the aircraft to maintain that speed. Pushing, on the other hand, does different things: Speed: Preselect mode; doesn't change the speed that is presently dialed in but sets a speed target that will be selected if changing the vertical navigation mode (for instance you might set your V2 speed before takeoff, then pressing the speed knob and dial in the green dot speed after flap retraction. After takeoff, even though green dot is displayed on the FCU with the PreSel light illuminated, the aircraft will fly the V2 speed until you select Level Change, at which point it will accelerate to green dot speed, so you can retract the flaps Heading: Your present heading will be dialed in, so when you press heading select it will maintain your present heading. Very handy.
  6. Use "Mixture Ratio 1" to toggle the engine master switches on and off (i.e., depending on your hardware, set both "Eng x on" and "Eng x off" to "Mixture Ratio x"). Make sure to check that your hardware switches are in the off position before loading the aircraft or otherwise obviously it will be in reversed order.
  7. .. and let me add that unlike other A/C you need to input a departure / arrival airport combination in order for Align IRS to appear. You can change the arrival airport later on if you so please.
  8. They also charge pretty damn good! One of them just released a goodies upgrade for a price some xplane devs sell whole planes for. Different story of course, but just because you mentioned it.. That being said, very happy to see new features coming to the current ini fleet for free
  9. Your post is the exact reason I'm really shy when it comes to adding mesh and scenery to x-plane. Essential airports only. Should definately be adressed in v12.
  10. I don't have the trees! Running Origami EGKK without any additional ortho, scenery or autogen enhancements
  11. This, and also the RNP approach into 08L isn't working with the ToLiss A319 (disclaimer: Haven't checked on other aircraft or without the Origami EGKK). There was another guy in the queue for 08L on vatsim who had the same issue; I programmed 08R enroute, and when changing to RNP 08L all the waypoints to the runway are correct, but the runway stays at 08R (or 26L or whatever you programmed in the first place), as well as the RNAV descent profile seems to align with the runway which was first entered and not 08L. Papis work fine though, thus landing went fine. Flying in and out of Gatwick very regularly on VATSIM (and a few times real life as well) I like that 08L is basically a taxiway and I think it's more realistic to leave the lights off. However, maybe there's a possibility to have this defined by the user via the config files. And if the RNP thing would work that would be great too - from minimums you can make it down ok even on the taxiway lights if you're aligned right.
  12. Hey there, waited so long for a decent EGKK for XP 11 and now it's finally here! Just finished my first take-off and it's a beautiful scenery with great performance so far. Looking forward to forthcoming products, and cheers for this one!
  13. Really excited for the Beluga! It was part of the first payware addon (series) I ever had for I think MSFS 2000 at the time. However, it was far from "on the line", I think it even had an A320 panel. Looking forward to give it a proper spin
  14. You find the step by step process above - there's really only one step? If you don't count unzipping the file you downloaded (for instance with winrar. Not sure how the inibuilds liveries are packed, but make sure to copy the folder containing the "objects" folder, not a folder containing the folder containing the objects folder.
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