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  1. Your post is the exact reason I'm really shy when it comes to adding mesh and scenery to x-plane. Essential airports only. Should definately be adressed in v12.
  2. That's a great argument in favor of releasing the A380 *quickly*
  3. I don't have the trees! Running Origami EGKK without any additional ortho, scenery or autogen enhancements
  4. This, and also the RNP approach into 08L isn't working with the ToLiss A319 (disclaimer: Haven't checked on other aircraft or without the Origami EGKK). There was another guy in the queue for 08L on vatsim who had the same issue; I programmed 08R enroute, and when changing to RNP 08L all the waypoints to the runway are correct, but the runway stays at 08R (or 26L or whatever you programmed in the first place), as well as the RNAV descent profile seems to align with the runway which was first entered and not 08L. Papis work fine though, thus landing went fine. Flying in and out of G
  5. Hey there, waited so long for a decent EGKK for XP 11 and now it's finally here! Just finished my first take-off and it's a beautiful scenery with great performance so far. Looking forward to forthcoming products, and cheers for this one!
  6. Really excited for the Beluga! It was part of the first payware addon (series) I ever had for I think MSFS 2000 at the time. However, it was far from "on the line", I think it even had an A320 panel. Looking forward to give it a proper spin
  7. You find the step by step process above - there's really only one step? If you don't count unzipping the file you downloaded (for instance with winrar. Not sure how the inibuilds liveries are packed, but make sure to copy the folder containing the "objects" folder, not a folder containing the folder containing the objects folder.
  8. First of all the price of the aircraft is 81 Pounds, what you're seing on the store is a discount without taxes. And also 60$ isn't 60 Pounds it's 44 Pounds. So the aircraft is about double the price of the simulator, which was your point initially, wasn't it? Also: Is MSFS free? Since when?
  9. I understand what you're saying so much, however, if I were using MSFS as my primary simulator at the moment I'd be very disturbed by the statements of PMDG saying release of their airliners for the platform are at least one year in the future (aka: expect them in mid 2022). Other than what they said before release, during the influencer campaign, there seems to be a significant lack in SDK features for developers. I'm not saying spend hundreds on x-plane, but rather: Maybe wait a bit before you spend hundreds on MSFS
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