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  1. v1.01 of the iniSimulations A310 has been released. This update includes various bug fixes and improvements. This update can be downloaded via your iniBuilds Store account: store.inibuilds.com/account NOTE: This update requires a reinstall. Remove iniSimulations_A310-300_Freighter and iniSimulations_A310-300_Passenger_ACJ from your X-Plane 11 installation’s aircraft folder: \X-Plane 11\Aircraft before installing this update. v1.01 - Fixed BRK Fail Visual Bug - Fixed EMER EXIT LT Bug - Fixed LDG GEAR WARN TEST clickspot - Fixed Passenger Cabin clickspot - Fixed ACP Lighting behin
  2. Follow the steps below to claim your 25% discount off the A300 if you are an A310 owner. Step 1: Ensure you are signed into the iniBuilds Store Account used to purchase the A310 BEFORE adding the A300 to your cart/purchasing. Step 2: Add the A300 to your cart/buy now: inib.uk/A300 Questions? Our team would be more than happy to help: inibuilds.com/contact
  3. To gain access to iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE support discussions and liveries, you must be a verified owner. Please note: You do not need to complete this process if you've already linked your accounts for the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE or iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE. Step 1: Visit your iniBuilds Store Account and look for the "iniBuilds Forum" tab, click the "LINK FORUM ACCOUNT" button. Step 2: Enter the email of your forum account and click "LINK EMAIL". You're all set! Our system will automatically assign the relevant roles for the pr
  4. Follow the steps below to claim your 35% discount off the A310 if you are an A300 owner. Step 1: Ensure you are signed into the iniBuilds Store Account used to purchase the A300 BEFORE adding the A310 to your cart/purchasing. Step 2: Add the A310 to your cart/buy now: inib.uk/A310 Questions? Our team would be more than happy to help: inibuilds.com/contact
  5. Hello, Melbourne looks to be working correctly. It was created using specific jetways due to scenery limitations. As for the logos not showing, this is a GSX limitation in Prepar3D v5, not something controlled by our profile. Apologies.
  6. Hi @spreilly. This profile wasn't transferred as it is one of older ones, however, you can download it here.
  7. Hi Justin, This was one of our older liveries that was created before the BBJ Expansion was released. You can access the download here.
  8. @rezzyrez Could you provide a screenshot of your PMDG 777-200ER and base textures folder?
  9. Yes this is normal. Since it doesn't have a CFG entry, the PMDG Operations Center thinks it's a livery and wants to add it to the CFG. Just ignore or dismiss the error.
  10. Hello, The base texture folder should be placed into the \SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-200ER folder, not texture.common200ER. Each specific airline livery can be installed using the PMDG Operations Center.
  11. Our main download servers are coming back online. Downloads across our services should be returning to normal. Thank you once again for your understanding and patience throughout this downtime.
  12. We've received the following update from our provider: "Multiple teams are now engaged in working to mitigate the issues for a subset of Spaces in our AMS3 region. At this time, hardware swaps and augments are in progress and this work will continue for some time. Due to the nature of the issue, we do not have a clear ETA, but best estimates indicate this work should be finished in approximately six hours. After the hardware work is completed, users should begin to see improved error rates and Spaces functionality. We understand this has been a long process and appreciate your continue
  13. Unfortunately, we're one of the very few customers still affects by the outage. We've seen the rest of our servers come back online, but our main server that covers liveries is still down. Apologies.
  14. Hi @nidaren, I've reached out to you via DMs where we can discuss this further!
  15. Hi @nidaren, Thanks for your comments. We won't be changing the effect library license terms. This is to ensure the quality and reputation of our dynamic lighting offerings. However, we're happy to manually approve requests to use the effects (as we've done here) on a case by case basis. As a reminder, this approval of usage is for EPWR only and credit, along with a link must be provided back to iniBuilds in the documentation of the patch.
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