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  1. Hi there, Please take a look at our MRTT video, I have a highlighted a section going through the fuel system on the MRTT. Kind regards, Isaac
  2. Hi Tony, We'll take a look at these two liveries and have them fixed so they install into the correct category. Kind regards, Isaac
  3. v1.11 of the iniSimulations A310 has been released. This update includes various bug fixes and improvements. This update can be downloaded via your iniBuilds Store account: store.inibuilds.com/account NOTE: This update requires a reinstall. Remove iniSimulations_A310-300_Freighter, iniSimulations A310-300_MRTT and iniSimulations_A310-300_Passenger_ACJ from your X-Plane 11 installation’s aircraft folder: \X-Plane 11\Aircraft before installing this update. v1.11 - Fixed Engine Fire Loop Test - Fixed ECAM Engine shutdown logic, now shows gear temps after shutdown if hot - Improved WXR Request CPDLC logic - Improved EFOB CDU discrepancy - Fixed winds not showing in F-PLN - Resolved reverse thrust deployment logic in-flight - Added VHF 1 comm transfer logic - Fixed Marker/Beacon sounds - Fixed hydraulic power logic regarding reverse thrust doors - Fixed DME bug on co-pilot side - Fixed Load in probe heat animation - Improved TCAS, now displays AI Traffic correctly
  4. Hi Tariq, Have you tried restarting Couatl and rebuild the airport cache via the Prepar3D menu? Are you in Prepar3D v4 or Prepar3D v5, our Doha GSX profile hasn't be tested thoroughly in Pepar3D v5 and therefore we cannot guarantee full combability in v5. Kind regards, Isaac
  5. Hi there, Ensure you run the PMDG Ops Center as an admin and try installing one of our liveries after doing so. Kind regards, Isaac
  6. Xometry is proud to present their first ever scenery for X-Plane 11. The iconic Victorville - Southern California Logistics Airport! Get ready to fly to this 2,300 acres airfield located in the Southern California desert. Famously known for storing airliners from around the world, Victorville has become a crucial airfield for long-term storage in the aviation industry. During the beginning of the pandemic, Victorville was storing over 500 aircraft from airlines such as Qantas, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Southwest, Delta and many more. This remarkable scenery includes: Accurate HD ground markings 4K PBR Buildings Highly Detailed Ground Clutter Realistic vegetation (accurately placed) Realistic airfield landmarks Realistic Ortho imagery Accurately placed aircraft models Aircraft wrecks and disassembled aircraft parts Includes pre-pandemic and pandemic versions Coming soon exclusively to the iniBuilds Store.
  7. Hi there, Does it work after you land as well? This could be a software issue with the pedals, my suggestion is too reinstall the drivers for the MFG Crosswinds. Kind regards, Isaac
  8. Hi there, Ensure you do not have multiple axis' binded to the same controls in the X-Plane controls menu. If you do not have an axis for the rudder on your peripherals, please the regular keyboard bindings instead for the rudder. Kind regards, Isaac
  9. Yes PTA as well, most likely a setting in PTA has caused the odd shading of the aircraft. I'm not sure exactly what setting would cause this but backup the preset you are using now and try another preset and see if it yields the same result.
  10. Hi there, Have you installed our base textures for the PMDG 777-300ER?
  11. It should not look like this, are you using tomatoshade? If so that would be the likely culprit causing the strange shadowing you may a have value in one of the settings that might have caused it.
  12. Hi there, We have covered the FCU and many other topics regarding the A300/A310 in our Training series on youtube. I have time stamped one of the videos going over the FCU: Kind regards, Isaac
  13. Hi there, Please contact our direct support line and they will reset your key. https://www.inibuilds.com/contact Kind regards, Isaac
  14. Hi there, Try using the A300 without any plugins, move your plugins to a temporary folder and load into the A300. It could be a third party plugin causing stutters. Your systems is more than adequate to run the A300 with Vulkan. Kind regards, Isaac
  15. Hi there, You will need to re-download the A310, the MRTT is included in the A310 package. Kind regards, Isaac
  16. Hi there, I assume this is your post regarding the A310 Descent. It seems you have two separate accounts on our forum, make you are using the same email you used to purchased the A310 and link into the forum. Kind regards, Isaac
  17. Hi there, The name of the A310 ZIP includes the version number of the aircraft when you download it. However we can look into adding a simple version number into the EFB.
  18. Hello, It only needs to go in the PMDG 777-200LR folder, our 777F liveries are linked to the ini_base textures that's placed in the 777-200LR folder.
  19. Hi there, We can give you the livery in this format as a one time exception, however our liveries are only provided in the .ptp format. To ensure the greatest combability and successful installation of all files and, this the official way of installing PMDG products/liveries. Kind regards, Isaac
  20. Correct, the flaps will only be deployed if there is sufficient hydraulic power. As the flaps/slats correspond with the SFPI. I will now lock this topic.
  21. Hi there, Yes the SFPI is functional. What position is the flap/slat lever set to? If it's reading 0/0 it means the flaps and slats are fully up.
  22. We will update it, thank you.
  23. No it does not, only works for the 200ER. Download the 200LR base textures for the 777-200LR/Freighter liveries.
  24. Hi there, Yes we do have a set videos of dedicated to flying the iniSimulations A310, here is the playlist: https://inib.uk/A310-Walkthrough The videos will cover the main differences between the A300 and A310, including the new features implemented into the A310. Kind regards, Isaac
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