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A310 issues


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Hello ini team I noticed an issue in the a310 in msfs2020 it’s left wing model is glitched. For example in ground the right wing is arched Down but the left one is straight but, in cruise the right wing is flexed straight like the real thing one the other hand the left one is intensely flexed as if it is stalling I also went under the wing and noticed the flaps is overlapping due to the wrong shape. The other issue is descent when I hit the button it start automatically descending at 1000fpm ignoring they path + some times it starts descending way before the top of descent point and a lot of time it doesn’t show dme in the screen although I insert the course and frequency. Also it ignores the ils in the app mod hope you fix those soon.



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My 2 cents,

For the DME issue: not all ILS/VOR are DME equipped, that's maybe why. On my side not DME problem at all.

As for the 1000ft descent: if you arm P.DES (pushing ALT knob down) it will arm the descent profile and should start descending as expected at TOD. Also, if too low on profile somewhere in the descent (due to constraint or else), it will change to a 1000ft ROD until it capture the normal profile. Work fine on my side too.

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