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Rudder sensitivity after 1.02


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Hey all,

Since the new update it's almost impossible to keep the plane on the runway on takeoff without the nose swaying wildly from left to right when inputting rudder.

NWS is on a separate Axis, don't know what auto rudder disconnect is since it isn't explained in the "manual"

I also noticed that behaviour on several recent streams, but nobody seems to be bothered by it...

Anybody else notice that?



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I haven't changed my curve and reactivity setting for like a year or so...🤷🏽‍♂️

I know that the ground friction modelling of the sim is bad, but until 1.02 the plane behaved realistically and stayed on centerline nicely. Now even minimal inputs and it veers left and right like crazy...

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Same problem here, havn´t chage anything but since the new update the rudder is all over theplace and taxiing with small rudder inputs is also impossible since the rudder doesn´t steer on the ground any more (tried all efb settings with rudder/tiller but nothing changes)

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On 1/6/2024 at 11:04 AM, JetNoise said:

Have not seen that behaviour. 1st flight with the updated version. Winds 4kts cross. No curves set at all. TRP rudders in use. Nosewheel on extra axis ...


Quoting myself:
And to be correct: It has become more sensitive with the latest update, maybe too sensitive.....
With good rudder controls (Thrustmaster TPR Pedals) it is handable ....
These airplanes in MSFS seem to have no mass. Most of them behave like light GA aircrafts.

I'd really like to see that being fixed !!!



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