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New update? When is it expected?


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Dunno. Hope some at Ini give us a feedback.


Things to fix.


* inibuilds-aircraft A300-600\m44477453e77732a1_0.dll - Make fs crash to often! Several times on loading a flight, is a must fix!🤕

* Active pause, cause engine to stop

* Pax planes, night lights from outside do not illumiate trough windows

* Windows from inside is to dark, should be clearer to look trough

* Some issues with SID/STAR here and there.. Hopefully priority on getting the plane ready for Navigraph

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Their discord mods mention they are expecting a patch earliest this end of the week if no problem arises. Though how many list of bugs they can fix i dont think they can cover all cause its just too short of a timespan.

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