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Invisible walls in cockpit


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Hi, as many times reported (on discord) already, there are some invisible walls in the cockpit blocking you from walking around + back in the plane.
Maybe you can fix it easily. It would be nice as its blocking us from setting wingviews.


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Timm Rehberg 
V1 Simulations | SimAware

MSFS 2020 | Intel i9 9900K | ASUS TUF 3090 | ASUS Z390E

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If it helps you in the meantime:

It seems there is a bit of a step to walk out of the cockpit. I found that by raising the viewpoint to almost the top ledge of the door, I was then able to continue backwards along the cabin.

Probably a side effect of the Captain's default viewpoint being very low, as mentioned in another thread.

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