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KSAT scenery not loading in


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Purchased KSAT through the inibuilds website, then downloaded through the iniManager, and having the problem that the scenery won't load.
Scene initially loaded without textures and buildings, now, after deleting and redownloading it twice, textures load, but still no buildings, only jetways.
All other sceneries loading fine, also loaded in with other aircraft, and same result.

The    inibuilds-airport-ksat-san-antonio    folder is located in my community folder and is 5.62GB.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 05_12_2023 21_31_01_LOW.jpg

Microsoft Flight Simulator 06_12_2023 21_58_33_LOW.jpg

Microsoft Flight Simulator 06_12_2023 23_45_06_LOW.jpg

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If I were you, I'd remove EVERYTHING from your Community Folder, start MSFS, clear out the Rolling Cache and close MSFS. Do a fresh install of the airport (no other addons), and start MSFS to see if you still have the issue. If you don't, start installing other addons to see if any of those are conflicting with the scenery.

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Also, not sure if relevant, but noticed this in the debug window

Adding further, this is the only airport this 'not-loading' completely is happening to me, and I have by now dozens and dozens or airports, often way more expansive, purchased.


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Hello, late reply from me again, apologies!
Tried to run it with Photogrammetry turned off, but still, same problem. 
Adding to this, just wanted to show a comparison with other airports, which load and display fine.



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