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2 major problems still persist


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With 35º flaps or without them at about 50 knots the front wheels leave the ground, then touch the ground again (impossible for a 640t mtow airplane), but the most serious thing is that you cannot keep the wheels in contact with the ground until The blue zone takes them off sooner, making correction with rudder impossible, very serious if you have a side wind that leaves you off the runway even with maximum yaw.

Once it reaches cruise, it is sometimes unable to maintain altitude, at one point it can go to ~+1000fpm for no apparent reason and is sometimes unable to return to its cruising altitude, other times it does.

Navigator HSI is misaligned, it never aligns

The airplane trim is too aggressive, going from +2000fpm to -2000fpm approximately in 2 seconds

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7 hours ago, gumbyger said:


The first issue sounds like a wrong trim setting on takeoff. Personally I never experienced what you described.

I'd have to look at 2 and 3..

4th one is by design so that the plane is compatible with Microsofts AI Pilot.

Hello again and thanks for responding.

I am going to show you a series of videos explaining the anomaly, since using Google Translate can lead to somewhat confusing reading.

The videos are recorded at LEMD, runway 36L, calm wind live at takeoff

1st Video (trim without touching, "as is" you generate in the world, I also show you the weight and balance tab for more information and confirm as you said that it works well):


2º video (I forgot to show in the first video how the trim is without touching, I show it at the beginning, it always generates with -2.1º or -7% in 3rd person, I reset the trim and start the takeoff, I also show you the cockpit about 200km/h)


3º video, (takeoff without flaps and with the trim at 0º)


Regarding the manual trim, I understand that it is a design decision for AI, but I have seen in cruise how the AP changes the trim from 0.1º to 0.1º and the manual is 0.3º to 0.3º, there is a sudden change At 2000fpm -2000fpm that I mentioned, couldn't the manual trim be changed from 0.1 to 0.1?

One more detail that I forgot, one of the orange screens of the apus shows the wrong text compared to the other.


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 I understand your point but if you trim it down before taking off, it will react normally. I never had any such problem.

As for the trim, it's very sensitive, I admit, but I found by acting very quickly in both direction help a lot on manual flying. Give one notch up followed rapidly by one notch down keep the descent or climb okay. 

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I have the same issue with the Cruise Altitude and the take offs.

It is impossible to do a full flight as the plane starts to climb and descent like he is facing an hurricane.

In my case, the plane also starts to drift from the Flight Plan and do not follow the route anymore.

Take offs are very rare, I was expecting the physics to be something similar as a fully loaded 747. But the plane is very hard to keep In the center even with 3 knts winds.

(I found my cessna 150 less sensible to the winds haha)

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7 hours ago, Andre_V said:

Anyway, to me the flight model of this plane is really bad and need a very important overall. Things are going very slow and I don't expect an update very soon.

Sorry in advance if this sounds blunt, but the flight model was greenlit by the Antonov pilots who actually flew the plane. From memory the only item they mentioned was that the rudder was slightly too effective. There most likely won't be any changes to it, unless Microsoft wants us to change it, which I doubt as it was greenlit by the actual pilots.

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