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Pitching up on short final


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I'm having a very strange issue with the A310 that is killing my ability to land the aircraft, but it doesn't look like anyone else is having it.
I'm nice and stable on approach, I usually hand fly from 1,000ft RA down.
I have no problems keeping the aircraft stable and on speed.
Then I get to about 200-100ft RA and the A310 starts pitching nose up. I have to add a fair bit of down elevator just to keep it from entering a climb.
Once I recover that around 50ft it starts to pitch up again, with or without autothrust engaged, meaning that around 30ft I get a very prolonged float. I don't even need to add any back pressure to the yoke as it pitches nose up by itself. Of course this causes the speed to drop off and I normally end up slamming into the ground at 10-15kts below vref and floating outside the touchdown zone.

This has only recently started happening and I don't have the issue with any other aircraft. I'm using the Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke and Honeycomb Bravo throttles. I've checked all my assignments to make sure nothing is interfering from the hardware side.

I'm thinking first step might just be a re-install. Is that done through the in game content manager or can I just delete the folder from community?

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OK I did a re-install, but it has not fixed the problem.
I have got it on video, can I please PM you the link to download it?
Something is definitely wrong with my A310, because as you will see it is flying normally (although not my best approach ever, flying with one hand while holding your phone in the other isn't that easy apparently!) then when it gets to about 60ft RA it starts pitching up.At this point I decided to let go of the yoke completely and it just keeps pitching up until it climbs away up to over 4000fpm climb rate and stalls.
Also note at 30ft RA the autothrust does not idle in this case but keeps adding power and the aircraft climbs.
I have absolutely no idea what is causing this. My A310 used to perform normally but a couple of updates ago I started seeing this behaviour.

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OK so this is interesting but it also makes no sense.
I decided to deactivate all my A310 liveries using addon linker. I decided to download the Air Transat liveries again from the Inimanager.
Put fresh installs into my folder and fired up the sim with only them active.
I've just done 5 practice landings and all went perfectly. The plane flew just as it used to and was a joy to hand fly on the approach and landing.
So tomorrow's test will be to put the other liveries back and see if things stay as they are or go back to the pitching up.
I can either eliminate a) Another 3rd party livery interfering somehow or b) For some reason I can't explain the original Air Transat install was corrupted somehow.
I noticed in my flight log I was having good landings in other A310s but recently have been flying the Transat ones where the issues have started. I'd never imagined that the livery itself might be the cause of the issue.
I'll report back once I've put all the other liveries and some other addons back into my community folder.

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I sent the link to the video a few days ago, but I have definitely confirmed that it was a 3rd party livery that has been causing problems.
I added them all back and noticed problems immediately, including the checklist in the EFB refusing to scroll again.
Removing the liveries then returned everything back to normal.
I've been testing extensively with FSiPanel doing landings over and over and the aircraft is performing wonderfully again.
I've narrowed it down to 2 potential liveries that were not playing nicely. Not sure why this happens but it was 100% the cause of my issues.

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