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Systems manual / controller assignments


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I'm trying to find a manual or description (written, please, no YT videos!) for the aircraft systems as implemented in the simulation. Primarily for the FMC - which functions, in detail, are actually operative in the simulation? Where can I set, for example, TA and TL?

Then I would like to know how the clock is operated, regarding the top switch. When I turn it to slow/fast, the clock is running slow/fast (sic!), but nothing else happens. When I set it back to run, it shows the sim time again. What's that for?

Lastly: Is there a way to assign TOGA directly to a button within FSUIPC? Or is it really just the Lvar?




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Sorry for the late reply!

Im afraid there is no documentation on which systems exactly were implemented.

What do you mean with TA and TL please? Only acronyms that come to mind would be Traffic Alert and Traffic Load (Which both wouldn´t really make sense I guess)


The slow/fast mode are to move the clock IRL, as IRL the plane doesn´t know the time. (It doesn´t jump to the current time when moving to RUN)


Unfortunately only with an LVAR, A310_TRP_TOGA_BUTTON if I´m not mistaken.

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