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Development Update #11


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There is lots to talk about in this development update so let’s jump straight in!

iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE

As we mentioned in Development Update 10, we are currently working on the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE (ST in reference to 'Super Transporter).

Please note, all previews are work in progress.


Development has progressed fantastically, and I am pleased to report the aircraft is in beta testing. It is going to be a super exciting next few weeks!

This product truly takes our simulation of the A300 series further with some excellent features being provided in this product. I want to provide you with a proper changelog soon, so I do not want to delve into this today but leave you with some of the latest pictures from both the interior and exterior and you can probably notice some of the differences.





One point to note is that every element has been improved or refined from the original A300-600R(F) to ensure we are providing you with the best products on the market. Of course, as I mentioned before, all changes that do fall into the remit of the A300-600R(F) will be updated in due course this year.


We also have re-evaluated our decision and are pleased to report that the discount we will be providing for our A300 customers will be 25% off the original price of the BelugaST.


One of the key parts of this product is the freeware EGNR-Hawarden by Zero Dollar Payware that we are commissioning for the X-Plane community to enjoy!


This scenery truly is an excellent rendition of this integral part of the Airbus factory network and one of the unique features about this airport is the Beluga Line Station (BLS) that will be fully compatible with the BelugaST. With a runway that is only 2093m (6866ft), it will really put your Beluga piloting skills to the test on every landing. The airport is home to Airbus Broughton, which is where nearly all Airbus wings are produced.


The scenery will be up to modern standards with full PBR texturing, SAM integration, 3D grass, color corrected ortho-imagery, and all of the small details and quirks that make this airport so unique.

In addition, there will be a separate version included with a fictional apron to add 10 Beluga stands for use on the virtual networks (such as VATSIM) to avoid congestion and lengthy holds, as the real airport can't handle more than 1 Beluga arrival every 30 minutes.



iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE

Work on some excellent new features are well underway and I hope to disclose what they are in the next Development Update! In addition to the normal Passenger/Freighter (GE/PW) that is standard for this product; we have been simply overwhelmed by the support we have received by the community and will be providing three extra unique models for free as part of this package. This would have served as an expansion that we have mentioned previously, but we truly are humbled by the support the community has given us and would like to give back to you all accordingly.


I am pleased to report that the first of this three is the A310 MRTT. Not only will this be an exterior visual modification but will also have a custom cabin, and who knows perhaps some real military functions inside! 😉 More to come on these too, but for now I leave you with these images!


iniScene Developments

Over to the scenery side of things, the iniScene team has been busy at work with a couple of secret projects. Beauvais Airport, located in France is their latest airport in mid-development in collaboration with the ADM Simulations team. Officially branded as Paris-Beauvais Airport, it is located outside of Paris next to the city of Beauvais. It is the tenth busiest airport in France seeing daily scheduled flights from Ryanair, Wizz Air and Blue Air.

Beauvais Airport will first be releasing for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 followed by a later release for X-Plane 11. Much more information will be coming over the next couple of weeks regarding this exciting add-on, we'll leave you with 2 renders of some of the buildings which will be featured in the scenery.



In other scenery updates, Shoreham Airport (EGKA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will soon be updated to version 1.1 with a plethora of new changes, additions and fixes to bring the airport more up to scratch with the real-world standard and more. Additionally, Shoreham will be submitted to be published on the MSFS Marketplace, expect this no later than a month after the update's release on the iniBuilds Store.

You can find the complete changelog of changes coming to iniScene Shoreham Airport (EGKA) v1.1 below:

 -Re-modelled main terminal.
- All airport ground lines re-created as a 3d projected mesh.
- New Old Shoreham Toll bridge model.
- Added airport perimeter fence.
- New landside road and parking area textures.
- Buildings behind runway 20 re-modelled.
- Green monolith re-modelled.
- New fuel pump models.
- New dirt/weathered textures added to some buildings
- Compatibility with the latest MSFS UK/Ireland world update
- Plethora of bug fixes. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this month's update!

Kind Regards,

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Pretty cool update. Thanks 🙂 Im really curious about the MRTT and which functions and features we will have in this military plane^^

Unfortunately, the Luftwaffe just retired their A310 MRTT in summer last year 😞  But I hope, we will have a Luftwaffe Skin anyway 🙂

In of the Beluga Screenshots we can see a CDU with an ACARS page. Will you implement Hoppie ACARS? If thats the case, god, or at least you, have listened to my prayers haha This would be an amazing feature and I hope, if thats the case, we will also see this in the A300 and A310 😄


Best Regards,


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21 hours ago, remyky said:

What about updating your A300-600 ?...Don't you think it is needed?

Necessary changes, fixes and upgrades of similar systems/models will be ported back to the A300 product line over time along with general A300 product-line specific enhancements and fixes - don't worry 🙂


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7 hours ago, Max said:


You'll just have to see what amazing things we have in the works for this product line in our next development update 😉


Amazing, cant wait ^-^ The Bulga is not really my cup of tea, but I'm very excited about the A310 and A310 MRTT and to simulate MedEvacs with the A310 MRTT^-^

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Cant wait to fly the beluga. Brilliant of you guys to do this add-on. Something unique and rare( like Concorde for example) is what this hobby is thirsting for!


Peter Osborn

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