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COM radio ACT/STBY frequency mixup


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I am experiencing unexpected behaviour with the COM radios.

When I flip the TFR switch to the right and choose a new frequency via the ATC menu, the left hand frequency is being set instead. As a result the ATC menu behaves as if I am tuned to a different frequency. See attached screenshot.



Is this not working correctly?

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I would assume that this is somewhat by design, as the Ingame ATC always changes the "Active Frequency". Now of course in your case the active frequency is the one on the right side, but I would THINK that the right frequency is always coded as the standby frequency.

I´ll get clarification on this and will put it on our list if it´s not intended behaviour, but from now on I´d just assume that it is 🙂

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Yes, of course you select the active frequency with the TFR switch. What I meant is that the left field is coded as always being the active one, which is why the ingame ATC switches that one.

I do not own the BAe146, so could you please confirm (maybe even with a video) that the ingame ATC switches the right frequency when it´s selected as the active one?

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I don't use vPilot, but in any case the ATC menu and radio are working as expected with the JF BAe 146 (the radios appear to be similar in these aircraft, I don't think any of the default aircraft use a comparable system).

Unfortunately I am a total nitwit when it comes to making videos, I hope the screenshots illustrate what I mean. Step III is where the A310 does not what I would expect.






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