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  1. Not sure what you are on about. Inibuilds produced an update within days for the Beluga and freeware scenery. They have already said they will update the A300 after the A310 is produced.
  2. Cannot find the download link for this scenery ? At top of page. Should look more carefully.
  3. They fixed this in the last update. very impressed how quickly they got around to the fixes.
  4. Re the duplicate post. Sorry about that. I really was not sure whether to add to original post or crate new. Tried to delete the duplicate but was not able to. Thanks for your quick responses.
  5. Also trees in front of the Boeing hangers ?
  6. Hi Nice airport. I notice that the cars in the car parks all appear flat. The airport appears near the top of my Scenery.ini file. Is this how they should look ?
  7. Not quite sure there is any difference from buying from the org than direct from the developers.
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