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That looks very good.  Natural metal is difficult to model, at least in any approximation to what it looks like in real life.  The modern capability of these sims to reproduce specular reflections and that "silver surfer" look is interesting, but by and large does not represent what polished aluminum looks like in the real world, at least at the airline level when it only gets polished once a year or so.  Each individual panel often has different appearance.

It looks like you have done a better job here than merely having it look like something out of a Marvel movie!  The best renditions of AA liveries go back to FS9, when they were cobbled together out of actual photos and did not actually reflect anything.  But your effort shown here is very good indeed and I look forward to it.  I was also assured that there would be a rendition of the original grey painted AA version.  That would be much easier, of course.  We got so used to that scheme back in the day that it was actually somewhat disconcerting when we stripped them and polished them in the mid 90's!


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