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  1. Hey, I'm using xvision vulkan and different presets of reshade. For example Aj's Reshade and one which is called day.ini (but don't know where I dowloaded it).
  2. Great pictures. What kind of clouds are you using?
  3. I'm using different presets. Think it was Aj's Reshade Preset (day and night) You can download it from the xplane-forum. Can't say reshade ist better. Far I know, reshade and xvision doing different things. So I'm using both.
  4. Thanx! Scenery on first picture is Lyon from Digital Design & last picture Dusseldorf from Justsim. Also using Xvision and Reshade.
  5. X-Plane 2020-09-17 00-30-39 (Mittel).bmp
  6. Some pictures of my flights with this beauty...
  7. Hi, is there an AA-livery Luxury Liner in sight sometimes?
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