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[SU11 Beta Update] Detination Airports Not Loading


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I've also reported this in the beta forums, but I thought I'd mention it here as well since it only seems to happen with the A310. On two flights my destination airport hasn't loaded in. The first flight was KPHX to KLAX. There was just a blank spot where the airport should be, as if it was vanished by Lex Luthor. On the second flight it was KLAX to KSFO. There's just nothing. I have iniBuilds' LAX, so I wondered if that could be the issue. But SFO is stock Asobo and I have the same problem. I did another KLAX-KSFO flight in the PMDG to see if it'd happen again, and it didn't. I'll have to test it some more. Once was a "Huh?" Twice is "wait a minute..." I'll try again tomorrow with another airport.



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