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Aircraft Won't Move - Follow-up to Dev Team


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Hello IniBuild Team, 

Conflict determined. Previously, I reported that the A310 would not taxi/move after pushback by either the GSX or default ground crew.  In the troubleshooting the issue appeared to resolve itself.  Since then I've been able to reproduce this issue. 

It comes down to a system configuration.  I have a Thrustmaster Boeing yoke and throttle quadrant.  I created new profile for the A310.  I also have a Logitech Extreme 3D joystick which I use with the PMDG 737 to simulate a nose wheel tilter (I don't have rudder paddles).  In the PMDG model this TM yoke/TQ and Extreme 3D work  When the A310 was release with the MSFS update I reconfigured the Extreme 3D with the new profile - setting for the brakes on button 5 and the nose wheel steering on the joystick R-Axis Z.  During the previous troubleshooting I guess I removed the joystick forgetting I did and the problem resolved itself.  Since then I switched back to the 737 profiles as I was flying this model yesterday with the joystick configured for the 737.  I jumped into the A310 after the 737 flight and presto the issue came back.  I switch the yoke and throttle back to the A310 profile, leaving the joystick configured with the 737 profile.  

From here I did a little trouble shooting and determined, it appears that the joystick causes a conflict with the A310 input model. Here are the step I took to determine that the joystick is the issue.

 1. I reconfigured the joystick with a A310 profile.  Button 5 brakes and nose wheel steering on the R-axis Z.

2. I restarted MSFS and spawned to the A310 engines running.  

3. Observations - with the Joystick connected 

  • the brake paddle would not responded to keyboard inputs where they did with the joystick removed
  • parking brake would release under normal opearations
  • If I removed the joystick (unplug) from the PC which in the A310 this had zero effect and the aircraft still would not taxi. 

4. I currently have the new Beta release loaded for MSFS.  This issue occurred in the initial with MSFS and remains with the beta release of the A310.  

It appears that there is a conflict in the program model for the input control.  I'm happy to provide additional input and/or testing if this is something the Dev Team would like to research.  


Thank you again for your support.  



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Hello again-


Well heck!  I was taking screen shots of my bindings, Yoke, Throttle Quadrant (TQ), Extreme 3d to submit.  I noticed that on the TQ bindings the Throttles had a binding to the right and left brake axis, hence I removed these bindings and reset Extreme 3d joystick R-axis Z to the nose wheel steering.  


Once again thanks for the help and the prompt to check all binding.  I would have never guess that the TQ would have a binding to the right and left brake axis.  


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