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Potential Bugs from MSFS Beta (v1.1.5)

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Beautiful plane and I already have a few hours on it.  I did already have some mishaps with the plane (vnav) but I'm sure you're already working on that.  Here are some potential bugs I came across while using the latest version:

  1. I have 'Chocks' selected on the EFB but I don't see the chocks installed on the external view
  2. In my settings, I have 'LBS / FT / INHG' selected but when i went to refresh the METAR under take-off performance, the Altimeter was populated with HPA
  3. The IRS Alignment took FOREVER (under realistic settings).  For example, I switched the DYSP SEL knob to 'HDG/STS' and it said 3.  Is it 3 mins or 3 hours?  i'm joking about the hours but it was way longer than 3 mins. 

Just a few on my findings... i'll update this post if I find anything more.

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1) Yup, we don´t have a visual model for them just yet, just wanted to give y'all the functionality of it because many said it was desperatly needed 🙂

2 and 3) Already known issues and are being worked on 🙂 For the IRS alignement please use Instant in the EFB for now and it should work out to around 5 minutes or so 🙂


Thanks for testing and reporting 🙂

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