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How I imported a Simbrief flightplan into FMC of Inibuilds A310-300 in MSFS 2020


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How I import a Simbrief flightplan into the FMC of Inibuilds A310 in MSFS 2020. I am user of the Microsoft Store Edition:


1. Create a new folder „FMS Plans“ in the following path (this is my path for MSFS 2020 Store-Edition):


2. Download from Simbrief the „Simbrief Downloader“ an install it on your PC.

3. Insert in Simbrief Downloader under „choose which formats to download below“ for „inibuilds Flightplan - Download Directory“ your new created path:

    C:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wek……\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\microsoft-aircraft-a310-300\Data\FMS plans

4. Create your flightplan in Simbrief, generate it and then download it via the Simbrief Downloader to your PC

5. Now your flightplan is in your new create path descripted under 3.)

6. Now you can load this flightplan on the normal way for example EGKK/EIDW (written in the scratch pad) into your FMC via „INIT-Page“ „FROM/TO“.

I hope it works for you too.

happy flyings 😀






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That method doesn't work for me (and others, apparently). Menu stays on "Pending".

Only way to get the flightplan in for me is, as the OP suggests, to download the file via the Simbrief downloader or iniManager, then enter FROM/TO on the INIT page. This gives me the flightplan, but not the other data (fuel and payload).

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JFI - a self-created directory "FMS plans" is not beeing recognized in my case. However, what does work is using this directory under LocalState, for the MS Store version that is:

Are there any news regarding the direct import via ACARS?

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I was having a similar problem. I noticed my MSFS 'Market Place' was greyed out. Checked my MSFS  settings in :
Options-General-Data Connection - Online functionality. You need to check if they're 'on'  or '0ff' Mine was set to off. Turned them back on.. Voila all's well. 

Might help.


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Since the A310 is present on MSFS2020, I try to load the simbrief flightplans without any success.

I tried every sorts of procedures suggested either by tutos or forums and nothing works. 

I have no problem with the other planes. Exhausting.


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My - STORE - folderpath is:

(found from LittleNavMap)

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