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Yellow hydraulic system lost 30 min after departure


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I´ve a problem: after normal cockpit preparation, taxi and start the A310 always "looses" the yellow hydraulic system (and the Autopilot, too...). Sometimes I can restart the system by clicking it "off" an than "on" again... sometimes not. In MSFS options no failures are active... where is my fault?

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Hi, thx for your answer! Today new try, checklists as everytime.  Normal start, normal autopilot flight. LNAV auto, VS "by hand" 1500ft/min. Normal pressure on the hydraulics display. 23min after departure:"beep beep beep"- alarm: yellow system out. "out" and "on" pressed, yaw damper on again: normal flight till the approach and landing. May be my fault is to use the electric hydraulic pumps and both PTU's? all three green lamps "on" like I know it from the XPlane-11 A320...thx for your help!

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I confirm the issue. This problem happen for all my flights but randomly. Some time i got it 30mn after departue and some time just after rotation 😰. I've followed IniBuilds checklists.

It can be solved by turning OFF then ON the Yellow IDG. Hydraulic Elec Pump and PTU doesn't transmit energy. Turning OFF then ON the PTU on Yellow system side can solve the issue too.

Bellow the screens captures of the HYD ECAM and HYD Panel when issue happen (https://imgur.com/a/KjH4YEb)


Hope it's solved quickly,



2022-11-19 14_56_57-Microsoft Flight Simulator -

2022-11-19 14_57_08-Microsoft Flight Simulator -

2022-11-19 14_57_31-Microsoft Flight Simulator -

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6 minutes ago, gumbyger said:

We weren´t quite able to figure the issue on this out yet, but we´re still working on it 🙂

Thanks for informations. I look forward to your solution.

For information, today it happen twice on the same flight (flight in progress at this time, https://fshub.io/pilot/8778/gps), 40mn after the first issue (screen capture for proof).

2022-11-19 15_36_19-Microsoft Flight Simulator -

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