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  1. Just hit the issue with PIKIL and RIKAL on a EGKK-KIAD sector. I was trying to enter them in PROG as a reminder for step climb but not recognised despite being in the FMC flight plan.
  2. Maybe, just maybe a glimmer of hope.... Thanks for investigating Holger! I guess the first thing to mind is why it works for so many and not for others. fwiw I use Win10
  3. I feel your disappointment and also hope the one-click load issue is resolved at some point. The manual loading does work for me - make sure you have the correct directory set to export to from simbrief as it did change in the last patch.
  4. Couple of times I've seen 57 but almost at the point of pre-dialing 59 because it's a safe bet 🙂
  5. The other "usual suspect" is conflicting bindings somewhere, especially with the throttles. EFB and panel sounds strange though - do you have anything set in FSUIPC, Spad or A&O? Bar that - it would have to be a horrendously outdated GPU driver 😞
  6. b3lt3r

    External lights

    Just popped outside view and noticed: 1. The rear facing white nav lights which look like floodlights on the ground seem to have an effective range of about 20 ft when airborne - same in external and drone cams - I see nothing from the rear until I move *real* close then they pop into existence. 2. I seem unable to see the tail logo light when airborne either - when I landed it was on - is that how it works IRL?
  7. Not sure of relevance but *on my system* I encounter recurring but (seemingly) randomly triggered fps drops on various planes whenever I run DX12 rendering. Usually it's ok, but for example if I run GSX then my fps can drop by 50%. It is a real PITA - I want DX12 so I can pop out instruments with no frame hit but the in itself it can cause drops if something startles it.... Ignoring all this - my experience is close to @lowpolybuttBest performer is 737, 310 lower but great imo and Fenix which is always bringing up the rear (even then usable).
  8. Many things *could* be but as I mention above, the a310 is able to write simbrief.ini whenever I change the username in the ACARS. FWIW I'm on a Steam install with "...\work" on C drive and main install is on E with community in that hierarchy
  9. The permissions for the work folder look strange. It kind of looks like it's read only but it is not. Drilling down to permissions show that my user (the one I run the game with) has full permissions. In addition - the game can clearly write simbrief.ini in the same directory so there is not a permissions issue. Final point I think is that the retrieved xml is what the call to simbrief from the FMC would load as a fllightplan so really, lack of simbrief.xml is a symptom of the pending failure rather than a cause.
  10. Funnily enough I had this tonight at 26L EGKK when trying to set up for an autoland due to abysmal fps - believe that was caused by GSX. Platform was 2000 set on FCU, Land enabled and LOC acquired but I suddenly noticed I was at 1600ft still descending and had to fly it in manually - always fun at 8fps after a 6h30m leg from KJFK... This is on current release, not beta. I've had it once before (out of many flights) but I see no pattern yet. Was in HDG and manual speed mode DH=0 set.
  11. Ah ok thanks. It's likely because I've mapped the format and range dials to one of my Logitech fips with their encoders. I did move both and they were moving correctly but I'll revisit in the morning.
  12. @TIGERM66which file and folder plse so I can look at my system too?
  13. Not sure how it started but I have text displaying "MODE CHG" in the centre of my ND. Nav mode still working as far as I can see but cannot clear it. Can someone explain how it gets there and how to clear? TIA
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