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Waypoint Entry Issues & Other Observations


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Great plane and thank you! Only done a flight so far but issues I came across below:


1) Unable to select between conflicting waypoints

Entered the flightplan manually via F-PLN page. No matter by typing in MAM directly on the page, or via the LAT REV page (on waypoint ROGAG) it automatically selects MAM (VOR/DME) in Mexico, instead of the MAM (TACAN/DME) in UK. It does not give any option to select between these 2 conflicts either.

Not sure if its due to filtering out ONLY DME stations, or some other issue not giving option to select between 2 waypoints with same name.
Checked MSFS Nav DB via LittleNavMap:

2) Unable to enter specific waypoint 

Unable to select WTZ via the LAT REV page (on waypoint ROGAG), NEW WPT section. Typing WTZ into that section clears the scratchpad, but the MCDU remains frozen on the LAT REV page, as if no valid input was received. Was able to enter WTZ via F-PLN page directly though. Tried deleting and re-entering waypoint and was able to recreate this.

For reference, this page:

Checked MSFS Nav DB via LittleNavMap:



Other observations/suggestions:

A) Taxi Lights are Too Dark

- In my opinion the Taxi Lights are too dark for use at night, needing to be increase to TO position to be of any use. Either its fall-off or brightness needs to be tweaked for a better balance. Found it to be particularly an issue where there's no taxiway centreline night lighting on the scenery.

B) Nav Lights (Trailing Edge White Lights) Too Bright

- The trailing edge white lights on wingtips seem way too bright, creating a huge splash zone on the ground behind. Its almost as if there are 2 landing lights going out the rear of the wingtip (see attached image for reference). image.thumb.png.ae75dcb48e6d1b67e4c3343740ef615f.png


Thanks again for looking into it. Overall very pleased with this aircraft and glad to fly it!

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Vrishabh Sehgal (Richboy2307)

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