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Canadian airports walk-in gates


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I have compiled most of the major airports that have scenery airports for P3DV5 using the new GSX Level 2 walk-in gates. Also I will throw in the DD Seattle airport too since its right there.

List from West to East:
Drzewiecki Design Seattle X
FlightSimStudios Vancouver
FlightSimStudios Kelowna
FlightSimStudios Edmonton
Flytampa Toronto
FlyTampa Montreal
MSFG Halifax
MSFG St. Johns

cylw-lpehkx.ini cyul-qdelux.ini cyvr-bqrmnr.ini cyyt-iplcay.ini cyyz-dfx1hn.ini ksea-dy8xvu.ini cyeg-bfnolo.ini cyhz-p3dv5.ini

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