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Xbox - A320 V2 - Autopilot Issues


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I’ve been attempting to fly the A320 v2 on Xbox, however every flight I’m experiencing major issues with the autopilot. Either at the top of climb or even just randomly in cruise, autopilot disconnects and throttle locks in TOGA.


I use an Xbox controller and I’ve tried recalibrating the throttle, and I’ve also tried using AP2 instead of AP1 however still no hope.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi @RedBenny

Could you attach a screenshot or short video clip of when you notice this issue? Can't say we've seen this internally or reported by other users. Such media will better assist to find clues as to what is going on.


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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I have noticed among some of my friends who are flying this aircraft that they are reporting autopilot disconnecting during cruise. When we looked into it further, they were flying too high and too fast. This led to a very narrow safe speed envelope and so any slight changes in wind speed caused it to over or under speed resulting in the autopilot disconnection

Only thing I have noticed is that the Vapp speed given in the MCDU is within a few knots of the orange section on the speed tape. If for any reason it dips into this orange section, the TOGA LK comes on and wrecks your approach. As such, I tend to add at least 5kts onto the Vapp speed 

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