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Cannot get ILS landing to work


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On my 4th go around at Shannon Airport Runway 24, I think I have everything set up, I enabled approach on MCDU approx. 15 miles out, ILS not getting picked up by system?




Screenshot 2024-06-02 105841.png

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Hi @JoeDel

To intercept an ILS, you need to:

  • Fly on an intercept heading/course towards the LOC, and
  • Capture and establish on the LOC before you can capture the GS
  • Capture the GS at an altitude below the GS

If you are already above the GS, the AP may still capture the LOC, but will not initiate a descent to capture the GS. The airplane will also not follow the GS until you are established on the LOC first.


From your screenshot, I can see LAND is selected on the FCU, and G/S & LOC are properly armed (in blue) as the next modes for the autopilot to capture. However, from the ILS raw data, I can see that the LOC is to your right, and the GS is already below you. 


From the current position, you'd need to fly further to the right to intercept the LOC, and initiate a descent to a lower altitude (e.g. 1500ft) using VS mode (at -1000 fpm or as necessary) to get below the GS to intercept it.

There are plenty of video tutorials available on youtube regarding this, but here is a Computer Based Training (CBT) for a standard ILS approach: https://youtu.be/bS_tLfKDak4?t=587

Hope it helps, thanks!

Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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18 hours ago, MarcusVT said:

ILS works everytim for me. The RNAV is the problem. As mentioned, you need to be below ILS G/S so AP enganges G/S.
Look at internet for a300 full sop checklist.😉

RNAV works every time for me - I've probably only done 1 or 2 ILS approaches in the A300. There's a bit of a knack to it so best find some YouTube tutorials for it

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