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FCOM urgently required


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Hello Ini-Team,

first of all congratulations for the A300.

It‘s probably the best aircraft I‘ve ever flown on a PC-Simulation, especially when it comes to handflying.

As this is a very complex aircraft, an FCOM ( or at least a detailed systems and SOP-Description ) is desperately required. The supplied „manual“ is somewhat measly.

Thank‘s very much in advance and best regards,


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The A310 manual they created is much more comprehensive than the A300. If you have a look for it in your installation folder I think you'll find it to be very helpful. 

But yes, the included A300 manual is pretty minimal. Makes me wonder why they shortened it from the A310 edition. 

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FCOM for the A310 and A300 urgently available with a simple google search.  I have had one since two months before release.

BTW, A310 and A300 are essentially identical in operation and only vary in weights.  

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More like a comprehensive, developer made manual.

The plane  simply (still?) lacks the simulation of certain features which already starts with the Auto flight system (e.g. FCOM Monarch Airlines) 1.03.13. regarding AFS overspeed protection in v/s modes.

Simply not modelled. I'm not complaining about that, I never expected it to be that accurate but one reason the FCOM won't really help in learning the plane 

Have a nice Sunday, all

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I'm afraid we won't be able to provide an FCOM or documentation to that extent for the A300 at this time. You are free to use the A310 manual for reference of procedures (available here) as that aircraft is not too different to fly from the A300-600.

There are also video tutorials available on Youtube, including our own for the A310 here, and the A300-600 for Xplane here for additional reference on operations. There are a few exceptions, most specifically to do with the EFB between sim platforms but a lot of the info is still applicable.


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